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Diaspora One-Stop Bureau to open in January in Uganda

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“Africans in the Diaspora are potential source of resources (both financial and intellectual) and it is time we tap into these resources to build our local private sector and to help in the development of our Countries” Mr. Mutenza the initiator of the Diaspora Investment bureau, a new outlet on Mazima mall dedicated to provide holistic services to the Diaspora


The bureau will help to mitigate the fear of bureaucracy in Uganda by helping Diasporas how best to understand the system and offering various services among others;

  • Real Estate Investment – To partner with reputable professionals to assist Diasporas with all aspects of real estate development from legal handling to actual project management including all the finer aspects of documentation.
  • Legal Affairs and Document Handling – To cover all aspects of legal representation including hiring of competent legal representation for business advisory services and transactions.
  •  Agricultural Investments – This is to provide our Diaspora Clients with opportunities in growing, processing, marketing and distribution of high quality produce that is increasingly bound for the regional and international markets.
  • Financial – Includes co-investment and additional financing to match the financial activities in your country of residence with your financial requirements in Uganda. Diaspora Support Services will assist its clients to navigate the regulatory and legal course to achieve their financial goals in Uganda.


The Bureau will also be bridge and be a focal point between Ugandan people and Diaspora in order to coordinate implementation of the bureaus’ objectives, activities, and policies, manage financial and human resources and provide logistical support to Diasporas.


Our motto is to build on Integrity, Honesty, Credibility and Professionalism to establish a business model designed to breach the credibility gap in our Diaspora client’s investments occasioned by traditional models of investment by providing a formal and reliable investment platform.

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