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Don’t leave your money to your children, says Lenny Henry

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Don’t leave your money to your children, says Lenny Henry: Actor praises wealthy stars who have said they will cut offspring out of any inheritance

  • Comedian said it’s ‘right’ rich parents cut their children out of inheritance
  • The father-of-one said it would help them learn to ‘stick up for themselves’
  • Praised celebrities like Sting who said he won’t leave his wealth to children
  • It’s the first hint he won’t hand over his reported £5m to daughter Billie, 23

Lenny Henry has said it is ‘right’ for rich parents to cut their children out of inheritance so they can learn to ‘stick up for themselves’.

The actor, 56, praised the string of celebrities, including Nigella Lawson, Sting and Simon Cowell, who have said they will not be leaving their vast wealth to their children.

It is the first hint from the father-of-one that he won’t be handing over his reported £5million fortune to his adopted daughter Billie, 23.

He said: ‘Quite a lot of wealthy people now do this thing of not giving their children any money. There is a thing of not over-privileging your children if you are very, very rich because how are they going to learn? How are they going to learn to stick up for themselves? So it’s probably right.’

He made the comments on Monday evening following a screening of the new series of The Syndicate. Henry stars in the third run of the BBC One show that sees a group of colleagues win the lottery.

He was supported by his co-star, The King’s Speech and Brideshead Revistied actor Anthony Andrews, 67. Mr Andrews, himself a father-of-three, said: ‘It’s illustrated all over the place. People who have inherited money and don’t know what to do.

‘It changes their personalities and the way they view the world. It changes their work ethic, it changes everything. I think it’s a big responsibility handing on money.’

Henry adopted his daughter with former wife Dawn French, 57, who he divorced in 2010 after 26 years of marriage.

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