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Dr Chinedu Bosah accused of sleeping during child’s death review meeting

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A doctor who fell asleep during a meeting held to discuss the death of a youngster on a children’s hospital ward was also caught napping three times in one night shift, it has been claimed.

Dr Chinedu Bosah, 39, faces disciplinary action after apparently falling asleep on five occasions while working at the James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough.

The second year junior doctor also faces questions about his performance after shocked colleagues reported his alleged lack of ‘basic medical knowledge’, the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester heard.

The tribunal heard yesterday how Dr Bosah first fell asleep at work between September 2012 and December 2012 and was caught nodding off in various places on the children’s unit including the seminar room and the parents’ room.

He is also accused of falling asleep in a meeting with a panel of medics as they held a debrief about the treatment of a child who died while on the paediatric unit.

On one occasion when confronted, he claimed that he was tired because he had been ‘studying for exams’ but was found sleeping on the job again within a week and fell asleep three times during a night shift on December 22, 2012 it was claimed.

Dr Bosah, who was training in paediatrics, also took unauthorised breaks and days off work and was often difficult to contact, the tribunal heard.

He allegedly shocked senior doctors with his lack of medical knowledge – on one occasion offering to send a baby suffering with jaundice home when it was clear the infant required treatment.

On another occasion he left a medical student to administer oxygen to a newborn baby, even though it required a special ‘technique’ not taught to students.

Dr Bosah was called into various meetings about his performance and was offered help with his e-portfolio – a case file he had to complete as part of his training plan as required by medical and health care organisations.

However, he refused help from senior colleagues telling them he was ‘doing well with it’.

He later failed a number of Royal College of Paediatric and Child Health exams and was sacked from the training programme in February last year.

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