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Duet Group (“Duet”), the global alternative asset manager, is pleased to announce the integration of TLG Capital team into Duet Africa Private Equity. The move has been envisioned to utilise key synergies that exist between the firms; leveraging all-important regional experience, and local presence, from TLG Capital’s successful investment history with an increased scope for deploying higher levels of capital into commercially-viable opportunities across the continent. This move follows the hiring of Saad Aouad earlier this year from Kingdom Zephyr to spearhead Duet activities in the African private equity space. This integration will propel Duet to the position of a leading player within African Private Equity.

Henry Gabay, Chairman & Co-Founder of Duet Group, commented that: “Africa is a key focus for Duet and adding the private equity and real estate capabilities to our existing African public funds will allow our investors to fully benefit from what Africa can offer in terms of growth and superior returns.”

Saad Aouad, Managing Director & CIO of Duet Africa Private Equity commented that: “Adding a team that has already worked together for the past few years delivering superior returns in Africa, to a platform like Duet with 10 years’ experience in managing emerging market funds, will create a top class manager in the Africa scene – we are all excited about the prospects of successfully executing the rich pipeline we have recently built together.”

Zain Latif, Principal of TLG Capital, will become a Managing Director of Duet Africa Private Equity. Mr Latif said: “Joining Duet is a critically important move that accelerates our Africa strategy; it will open doors to opportunities we hitherto were not in a position to consider. We welcome the challenges associated with investing in innovative opportunities in frontier markets, and this is evidenced by our successful track record at TLG Capital. This is an exciting time for us, and we look forward to widening our reach.”

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