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The international commodity trading and finance boutique company DVK Group, has announced its launch in Malawi as part of its exciting expansion plans in the Africa region.


Spearheaded by international entrepreneur and Founder and Chairman of DVK Group, Mr Deepak Kuntawala, DVK Malawi will comprise of a highly influential team under the leadership of Kamal Patel and Morgan Tembo.


The launch of DVK Malawi was announced at a high profile event in the private, exclusive setting of Mafumu Lodge, following an invitation to members of DVK Group from influential dignitaries and VIPs in Malawi, to meet and explore investment and joint venture opportunities in the region. In swift response, the DVK Group established a base in Malawi within two working days, under the banner of DVK Malawi Ltd.


Members of DVK Malawi, presented to esteemed guests from the commodity trading, finance and banking areas, keynote projects DVK Malawi would drive in the region. This includes projects in the energy sector, Public and Private Infrastructure Projects Partnerships (PPP) with the government, the establishment of an aviation business to include cargo sectors and substantial commodity trading ventures.


Activities will dove tail with the Group’s structured trade and commodity financing services in sectors such as energy, automotive and agriculture including through the company’s Africa focused Agricultural Hedge Fund, which on average advises on assets of $150m USD. DVK Malawi’s development of the aviation projects in Africa follows its plans to launch in China, Hong Kong, India and the CIS region and the attainment of an AOC license for operating rights in Nairobi, Kenya to establish a footprint in East Africa.


Via the trade and financing platforms, DVK Malawi will be entering into several private and public sector infrastructure, development partnerships as well as build, operational and transfer arrangements under the professional guidance of Deepak Kuntawala, Kamal Patel and Morgan Tembo.


DVK Malawi is also an advisor to other investment vehicles such as a $150m Trade Finance Fund.


The globally acclaimed DVK Group traces its roots back to the 1900s, built on a solid foundation of 100 years of international trading experience combined with revolutionary financial and investment know-how.


Some of DVK Group’s other business interests include corporate finance, private equity, venture capital, mining, real estate, and a Hong Kong based trade and commodities finance business which successfully executes around $1m USD worth of deal flow per day on average.

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