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East Africa’s No.1 social entertainment platform has partnered with the UK Convention

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HiPipo.com is delighted to inform you that we have partnered with the Uganda Convention UK (UCU). Uganda Convention UK’s vision is to harness the tremendous skills, expertise and knowledgebase of the Ugandan Diaspora with a view to promote socio-economic and infrastructural development back in Uganda. Uganda Convention provides a platform for exchanges of views and networking to Ugandan Diasporas on matters of common interest and concern to them.

This year, the convention will host HiPipo Charts Festival first ever Supa Artist H.E Bobi Wine and the first ever Zouk Act medal winner of the HiPipo Charts Festival, Iryn Namubiru among the many entertainers. Just keep right here for all details.

[youtube id=”L9n2ertzTlQ” width=”600″ height=”350″]

The First Ever HiPipo Charts Festival

Great appreciation goes to the LORD GOD, all HiPipo and Ugandan music fans that made it possible for the first ever annual HiPipo Charts Festival to successfully take place. The festival was hosted at the classy 5Star Spectrum Restaurant at Labonita. By the end of the day, H.E Bobi Wine was crowned the most popular Ugandan online artist of 2011-12, after winning the Supa HiPipo Charts artist Medal. The other big winners of the night were Juliana Kanyomozi, Navio and Bebe Cool among others. Check HiPipo Charts Festival winners article for details.

From HiPipo.com, we thank everyone that took time to vote for their best acts and artists, winning was 100% based on the people’s votes. Congratulations H.E Bobi Wine, friends, fans and the Ghetto Republic.

HiPipo Charts Top 10 Videos This Week

This new talented singer and dancer Emron is proving some point, the industry has to watch him closely as he has been doing so well in the past 3 months, making appearances on HiPipo Video, Audio and Celebrity charts. Previously, his Nkwesuunze video topped the Prestigious HiPipo Charts for 1 week.

Last week, his latest single in which he features Sizzaman topped HiPipo Charts ahead of Nkwagala Kufa by Grace Nakimera among others. The video has for week 22 made the second consecutive appearance in #1 on HiPipo Charts.

Body Guard is a dance – gospel song in which Sizzaman and Emron praise and thank GOD the world’s only body guard. The video is creative and interactive. It’s good to watch over and over again. It is #1 on HiPipo Charts for second consecutive run. Congratulations Emron and Sizza!

From #3 last week, now Ndi Muka Nyo video by Diaspora based Rapper Avon Baby is in #2. The Hip Hop video was majorly done from a dance place, featuring gangsters and Avon with a lot of swagger. Ndi Muka Nyo video has now been on HiPipo Chart top 10 for 3 consecutive weeks.

In #3 this week is Nkwagala Kufa video by talented, aggressive, awards winning Diva Grace Nakimera. The video previously topped the prestigious HiPipo Charts for 2 weeks; it was in #2 last week. Nkwagala Kufa is a love song with great lyrics, production and art.

In #4 is Bebe Cool’s Ndiisa Buti Film video that was in #5 last week. The song Ndiisa Buti was dedicated to all Bebe Cool’s critics. The video features Bebe Cool acting as a kick boxer. The video presentation and design origination relates to the popular Chinese and Asia kickboxing fighters.

Walumbe Zaaya Remix by Gravity Omutujju is a song that was originally done by the late Princess Paul Job Kafeero (R.I.P). Gravity maintains the choruses as they were originally done by Paul and gives the song a rap feel. The lyrics are comical, with a good touch. It is a funny and good song to listen to, the video on the other hand comes in majorly in black and white showcasing Walumbe (Satan) robbing people’s lives daily.

Rema’s Oli Wange love video has maintained its last week #6 position. The video topped HiPipo Charts for week 16, 2012 and has since then made consecutive appearances in the top 10.

#7 is Sophie Nantongo’s latest video Twaala, meaning (take). She is trying to tell her love to take anything off her that he wishes. It has been more than 8 months now since this Diva last made appearance on the Prestigious HiPipo Charts.

#8 is winner video by Larry Chary of Bigtym; Winner is an inspirational song. It is a song for success, the video showcases different achievements that one can reach to all thanks to hard work, patience and prayer. The video features Larry, Ray, one main happy lady actor, who acts as Larry’s love and many other happy members. This is the first time for this video to appear in the HiPipo Charts top 10.

Ebigambo video by Kid Fox has maintained its last week position; it is #9 on HiPipo Charts for the second consecutive week.

To close the top 10 for HiPipo Charts week 22 is One Moment video by GNL Zamba featuring Leila Kayondo. The video premiered on HiPipo.com in mid week 21. One Moment is #10 for HiPipo Charts week 22.

For the first time since week 6, Jose Chameleone’s Valu Valu video has failed to make appearance in the HiPipo Charts top 10. Only 2 videos have failed to make a comeback in the top 10 this week, they are;

  • Kikompola by Rocky Giant
  • Valu Valu Waasi Waasi by Jose Chameleone

Remember that, HiPipo Charts are exclusively powered by the People’s choice to interactively watch, share, like, tweet, buzz, +1, email and comment on their favorite music videos, audios, and news on HiPipo.com daily. The most interactive acts and artists take lead. Below is a full list of the top 10 videos on HiPipo Charts week 22;

  1. Body Guard by Emron Ft SizzaMan
  2. Ndi Muka Nyo by Avon Baby
  3. Nkwagala Kufa by Grace Nakimera
  4. Ndiisa Buti Film Star by Bebe Cool
  5. Walumbe Zaaya Remix by Late Job Paul Kafeero Ft Gravity Omutujju
  6. Oli Wange by Rema
  7. Twaala by Sophie Nantongo
  8. Winner by Larry Chary Bigtym
  9. Ebigambo by Kid Fox
  10. One Moment by GNL Zamba Ft Leila Kayondo

Also check out for the Top 20 Videos, Top 50 Audios and Top 20 Celebrities on HiPipo Charts every week.

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