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Those cliques calling for sanctions against the country’s Government cannot remember what it was like being raised under Separate Development by the Rhodesian Government.

Robert Mugabe has now blocked the exhumation of Cecil John Rhodes because it is part of Zimbabwe’s colonial history. This man also promised free education for every child in the new Zimbabwe, and to his credit, separate black and white schools no longer exist. However, he did not vouch for the current minority calling for sanctions against his Government, thus ruining the nation’s financial budget that included Education. What was the purpose of the Revolution if Education has not improved for all but a handful?
You cannot blame Mugabe for the sanctions. Ignatius Loyola (founder of the Jesuits) said “Give me the boy until he is 7 and I will give you the man!” As someone pointed out last week, paying taxes builds and dignifies a country, but because of sanctions factories have stalled and there are fewer jobs—resulting in fewer taxes paid into the State coffers, thus depleting the education of millions of Zimbabwe school children.
A lawsuit by Zimbabwe is now pending at the European Court of First Instance against the EU; consider the long term cause and effect of these delaying tactics for children whose scholarly career is 12 years maximum—it appears that the West and their allies are intent on crippling Zimbabwe’s next generation because already 10 years of sanctions has affected one generation.
It would be interesting to see how many of those calling for sanctions actually have children at school in Zimbabwe? Do those calling for sanctions care that they have achieved nothing but pain and suffering in the last ten years from the cradle up, and that their negative input has damaged the future of our children, the future of Zimbabwe?
Sanctions deprive and affect every facet of the country’s fragile infrastructure, including the education system, beginning not only in nursery schools, but our fragile health system—fewer children are born victims of AIDS in the northern hemisphere. (It is a fact that even foreigners in the UK get better AIDS treatment than those in Zimbabwe.)
As the first President of a newly independent Zimbabwe, any black person elected would have been demonised. Had the nominee been white, it is doubtful this would have happened. Provided you were white and stayed away from left-wing politics, it hardly affected your life that the Rhodesians ruled with an iron fist for 100 years. The farm invasions were a direct result of the Hut Tax.

It is not that the education is more intense overseas—it is also because of the international and cosmopolitan atmosphere (within which the children out there exist) completing their education along with the 21st millennium Diaspora experience. They have SKY at their fingertips, Electricity and computers on tap. The commercial: “BT has 3 million WI-FI hotspots in England alone!” makes no sense to children living in Zimbabwe. Telling our children that they could have a better education overseas is destroying any dreams they might have in order to succeed. Everything in the Diaspora is geared towards learning—even adults in the UK have education at their fingertips through Open University.
It is healthy to have an Opposition but any Opposition must be constructive, not destructive—intent on bringing a country to its knees for the benefit of foreign vultures (benefactors) squatting across its borders. As Martin Luther King Jnr. Said; “War is a poor chisel to carve out tomorrow.” Consider the demise of Rhodesia who chose the bullet instead of dialogue.
While the UK’s NHS is very reliant on Zimbabwe’s health professionals, on the other hand, if sanctions are lifted and Zimbabweans work at getting it right, it will become self-sufficient; ultimately everyone out there with a diploma and a degree will want to return 6,000 miles to their families in the land of their birth?
So long as different citizens pull in different directions instead of everyone pulling in one direction, the West will never take Zimbabwe seriously. Look at Somalia crying for help from the West.  Why should the West help Zimbabwe if it will not help Somalia? It also turned its back on Sri Lanka, then Ceylon, but it was China who stepped in to save that little country!
Sanctions means depriving any country of its needs, and turning a blind eye to it’s needs in education and health is harmful.
It is interesting that during the Zimbabwe Revolution, it was Britain who warned Mugabe and Nkomo that the SAS and Selous Scouts were about to assassinate them. They must be disappointed that they helped when ZANU, ZIPRA and ZAPU pulled together and fought against the white colonial element but as it is no longer the common denominator there are those in our midst who would tear us apart. Why would the British want to get involved and help us—again?
Many Zimbabweans living in the Diaspora, black or white, justify their actions by inevitably blaming “Bloody Mugabe!”
Trying to rebuild a shattered land on sun-drenched fields of dried blood will fail so long as Zimbabwe nationals around the world, are screaming for sanctions and blaming an 88–year-old man who was prepared to take a bullet for their cause; the blame for failure rests squarely on their own shoulders.
Some of his enemies have done an about turn and are now confirming that God has his hand on this African leader. Be careful what you wish for. The Rhodesians were already “viral dancing” on his freshly dug grave when they heard a rumour that “Mugabe has been hospitalised!” just before his birthday. Instead, the President did not join in his birthday celebrations because he was aware that his neighbour Mandela had been hospitalised.
Instead of calling for illegal sanctions why have these people not, with as much vigour, demanded that despite Sanctions, the international donors provide their children with an Education equivalent to that available to one and all in the northern hemisphere?
Right now, because some parents are too busy demanding sanctions, for the last ten years our students in Zimbabwe and their teachers have been deprived of books and teaching aids. The future of the country is now limited but only because some parents believe that their children’s future lies solely in sanctions and not in education.

By Donette Read Kruger

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