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Elon Musk to announce a ‘million-mile battery’ for Tesla electric cars

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  • The CEO teases ‘very insane’ announcements at today’s Battery Day live-stream
  • Million-mile battery would power the upcoming Cybertruck, Roadster and Semi
  • Musk could also announce Telsa’s commitment to making its own battery cells

Tesla CEO Elon Musk will announce a ‘million-mile battery’ at the company’s live-streamed ‘Battery Day’ due later today.

The mega battery will power upcoming Tesla electric vehicles, including the heavy-duty Semi truck and the futuristic Cybertruck, for at least one million miles.

Million-mile batteries are able to clock up over a million miles over the course of their lifespan – rather than powering a car for a single million-mile-journey without recharging.

The million-mile battery, which is hoped to increase take-up of Tesla electric cars, is expected to be revealed along with other ‘exciting things’ today, Musk has teased.

It’s speculated that these announcements include ways to pack more energy into battery cells, slash production costs and dramatically extend battery life.

Battery Day will be streamed live from 1:30 PM Pacific Time (9:30pm BST) on the Tesla website.

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