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Enduring Love

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A short while ago, I was privileged to witness a form of ‘enduring love’, a love that insisted on being present and expressed, despite harrowing physical circumstances, which some of us would have declared impossible to overlook and surmount.

Love is ‘a many splendoured thing’. Love can indeed be understood and expressed in a million different ways, as it passes through our various filters. These filters have been formed through our upbringing, our culture, our gender and age, societal setting and standing ect.

But is the core of love that different in truth? And should our love change and transform itself according to external shifts and transformations? Ideally, I would say no. Our love, expressed from our very essence, and whatever the object or person we direct it at, should be an immutable constant, capable of withstanding the harshest of emotional and physical hurricane.

It is though easier said than done, as our minds interpret our physical world in such a way that we are now sucked into believing that the object of our love appears less worthy, or less capable of receiving our love than it once used to be. We have all gone through such episodes where we have succumbed to the temptation of withholding or withdrawing love because the reports our minds fed us were less than rosy.

So it is all the more admirable to witness enduring love despite harrowing circumstances, circumstances where the mind, for the greater part, has fled the loved one, where the body has given up the greatest part of its mobility and function, but where Life and Love is still present, just in a less than usual format.

Love knows no boundaries. Love does not mould itself to shifts and changes. It does not recognise difficulties or problems, but just a need to be expressed. And it will express itself in the entirety of its Truth and Nature, and touch the core of the loved one, visibly and invisibly. It is not a less than able body that will stop it from reaching the seat of the soul, where all giving and receiving takes place. A love given freely and genuinely is never, ever lost on the recipient of that love. This love will endure time, space and less than perfect interpretation. It is not for our minds to judge but for our souls to know that at that ethereal level, all is well, all is true and all is eternal.

Isabelle Gravenstein
Teacher & Writer of Metaphysics.
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