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Exclusive footage of rhino poaching emerges [VIDEO]

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We gained access to some exclusive footage, which highlights the ongoing epidemic of rhino poaching in South Africa. The number of rhino deaths related to poaching activities across southern Africa have reached 442 in the first quarter of this year alone, and have peaked at a record number of 1004 in 2013, making extinction an imminent threat.

This footage is of a highly graphic nature and contains images of a dying rhinoceros dated 23 June 2014, which are suitable mature audiences only. Viewer discretion is highly advised.

A farmer in Limpopo Province provided the video footage on the condition of remaining anonymous. He told BEELD newspaper that despite spending thousands of rand on security measures he feels unable to stop the poaching on his land.

More than 20 rhinos have reportedly been killed in Limpopo in June 2014 alone.

If you want to help to put a stop to rhino poaching, you can get in touch with various charitable organisations such as Save The Rhino and the SanWild Rhino Sanctuary, to name a few, where you find out about the ways in which you can make a change, including contributions in the form of donations and public events.

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