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Exclusive: Oprah’s father and stepmother did NOT want a divorce, says judge after Barbara Winfrey accused talk show host of forcing her from home and ruining her life

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Scene from a marriage: Barbara and Vernon were good together for a time. But things began to go sour after Barbara discovered he cheated in his barber shop with a crack-addicted prositiute called 'One Tooth'

The presiding judge in the bitter divorce battle between Oprah Winfrey's father Vernon and his wife Barbara said the 'decision' to end their 14-year marriage was made by a third party, MailOnline can reveal.

Judge Donald P. Harris told Chancery Court in Franklin, Tennessee that he believed neither Vernon, 81, nor his wife Barbara, 66, decided on the legal separation.

'I've been a judge for 28 years. And I felt like in this case, number one, that Ms. Winfrey does not want a divorce, and I feel like Mr. Winfrey didn't make the decision to seek this divorce.'


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