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Exploring Africa

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Exploring the wildlife in Africa could be the greatest and the most exiting experiences of your lifetime. People, who get used to living in a big city will be really astonished be the grandeur of the African nature, its flora and fauna.


If your aim is to sink deep into this world – your choice is safari. There are several kinds of this sort o tour. Your decision will depend on what you would like to see and how much time do you have. The significant part of safari ways is situated in the Eastern and the Southern parts of the continent.


During walking safaris you usually will use temporary bush camps or permanent lodges as a base from which vehicles and sometimes boats will get you into areas of activity or specific interest. It’s the closest to nature way to see and to feel the African wilderness areas. If you lie to see more in a shorter time, then mobile safari is for you.

Mobile safaris make use of 4×4 vehicles usually to cover larger areas or a variety of different habitats in a single trip. The diversity and relatively large distances between the prime spots in Botswana and Namibia make mobile safaris the preferred means for covering these destinations. In case you want to see all that’s possible – then flying above Africa will the right way. Fly-in safaris are regularly done in Botswana and Namibia in order to cover a large amount of territory with some very specific spots on the agenda in as short a space of time as possible. One of the more popular means of experiencing Africa’s wilderness is a canoe safari. Several of the large African rivers are run by canoe but it’s the lower Zambezi that really holds the leadership.


Mana Pools National Park is on the southern bank – the remote Lower Zambezi National Park is on the northern shoreline in Zambia. You can choose the class of your canoe and travel with the maximum convenience. Self-drive safari is the most flexible type of trip that you’ll find.


In this variant you hire a vehicle, plan your own route, pre-book accommodations of your choice and explore the region on your own. Namibia is the easiest to on a self-drive basis even if you travel for the first time. Privately guided safari is your variant if you’re looking for exclusivity, special attention. Some excursions are into the remote parts, others are on well trodden trails simply exploring on a more casual and relaxed basis.

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Your trip can be a combination of all these types of safaris. Anyway don’t forget to receive all the possible information about the destination you are going to. The more information – the better. Also, don’t forget to make all the necessary vaccinations. In Africa it’s a must, if you do not intend to spend your holiday in the hospital. –

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