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Faridah (Kigozi) Rimmer dreaming BIG

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Born in the 80’s in the capital of Uganda, Faridah (Kigozi) Rimmer was one of many Ugandan kids with big dreams; her passion has always been to be in front of the camera and to have an audience.

She started travelling the world at the age of 19 until settling in the UK 8 years ago, happily married now and blessed with two beautiful children.

Faridah knows that this is the right time for her to pursue her long time dream of becoming a well known actress. She’s already put her foot in the door as she’s been involved in some big productions in the UK, although it is not easy or straight forward for Black people to land major roles in the UK TV and film industry, this has not put Faridah off in pursuit of what she calls her Lifetime Goal. She’s taken on the challenge with good humour and just seeing herself as an actress not a woman of colour. She’s very determined and continues to work twice as hard as anyone else to achieve her goal. It was  her hard work and resilience that saw her land main cast roles in TV commercials for big organisations such as Boots and NHS with an on-going role of a supporting artist in Emmerdale.  Her hard work, passion, resilience and determination are what’s going to take her to the top. She doesn’t perceive herself as ‘just another Black African’and carries herself with confidence and an attitude of  “If it’s meant for me, it will be regardless of how long it takes”

Like a lot of African children growing up, Faridah went through a lot of hardship:  children with poverty, famine and civil war. However, she has never used this as an excuse for not achieving what she sets out to achieve. Instead, she values the scars of her life experiences reminding her of where she’s been, what she’s been through and how well she’s done to overcome. She says  “ for bad experiences only set us up for better futures because once you hit rock bottom, the only way is up”
Faridah has only been on the UK TV screens since 2010 but the best is yet to come for her as she’s just joined the cast of the new TV drama “BREACH” and landed a role in a feature film “BELIEVE” due out in UK cinemas towards the end of 2013. She uses all the hardships that she’s been through as the powering fuel to bring her chosen characters to life. Her love for acting shines through every role that she lands!

Watch out for all her upcoming roles and productions and, in the meantime she’s going to continue to keep the Ugandan flag flying.

To keep up to date with her progress and on her journey check out: www.faridah.rimmer.com

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