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In an exclusive fashion special Monica Hayward met up with Judith Heard, Uganda's top model and high ranking socialite to give us an insight into how her fashion has evolved amidst Uganda's increasing new breed of designers and International market.


Judith, how would you describe yourself to people who don't know you?

I am a Ugandan international model,fashion boutique owner and married mum of three

You have been in the fashion industry for a longtime plus your now a mother of three,how do you cope with combining life as a working mum and its challenges?

Being a mum is the best and truly a blessing for me which is why my kids are first priority when it comes to working around my career which involves a lot of traveling ( Judith had just recently returned from the MTV Africa music awards in Nigeria ). I overcome the challenges by planning and organising things to keep the balance between work and family life. I also have strong family support.

As a model and fashion socialite how would you say your fashion has evolved during the years into the trendsetter you are today?

I have always been interested in fashion from an early age,my style was more of a tom boy look when I was growing up, especially with my height and slender figure(Judith is 5'9”),this gradually evolved into mixing and matching different fabrics and textures to create my own individual signature look.

Which celebrity styles inspire you?

I like Naomi Campbell 's classic style and Rhianna as she is more urban in mixing and matching different designs



Do you think African fashion is evolving more towards the western style and trends?

Definitely, I feel our African style and dress sense is being influenced more by the west because of the increasing media exposure to western artists and fashion designers which is why Ugandans are getting more image savvy, plus African designers are now more creative in mixing African textures and fabrics with a more western style to grace

international catwalks which is a good thing on the whole.


Being in the media glare must have its ups and downs, how do you cope with the camera intrusion into your private life and the tabloid tales?

I just keep calm and focus on my kids and husband as their my priority, I still enjoy going out and having a great time with my husband. Despite the tabloid tales and intrusion I still try to keep my private and public life separate.

Tell us about your charity work…

I support and contribute towards a cancer awareness charity here in Uganda,this charity looks after sick children in hospital. I recently took gifts and toys to 90 kids in Mulago hospital and 10 kids on the Hope ward of the International

hospital Kampala which looks after kids with HIV and tumors .As a mother children's charities are close to my heart and I would encourage people to show and lend their support in any way they can.


Your career as a model has also successfully helped your fashion evolution, what would you say has been your best moment so far?

Opening my beauty Parlour- Beautilicious on Muyenga road was a big step,it provides beauty services to the public and is now part of my growing brand- JH Kreationz which is going to consist of a kids salon and spa,plus my own fashion boutique in forest mall (Lugogo) catering for all sizes from xs to xxl in all trends and styles.


On conclusion,what advice would you give to the young upcoming models today?

I would advice them to work extra hard in all that they set out to do without giving up, and to remember to be good role models.

Judith heard can be contacted via; Manager;Fredasher Lwanga(

Meeting place was: Emin pasha hotel Uganda.

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