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Introducing one of the Ugandan icon in the fashion industry. Nakafeero Josephine started her fashion label “Fashion runway Uganda” to cover a niche market within the African Community to serve as “a fashion events agency” with purpose.

Fashion runway Uganda aimed to focus activities not only on runway shows, but also on education in this industry   by hosting creative and talented designers who showcase ready to wear outfits that instill a sense of fashion & style to the public. It is also designed to build the African Brand Nation by creating more awareness about the products that are being made by various African designers who tell stories through their creative works hence creating a positive image that will build and grow Africa.

Her main company JOSE HOUSE OF CREATIONS consists of dynamic, passionate and a committed team who believe in the power and the future of the fashion industry in Uganda and in Africa at large and their  mission was to provide a platform and opportunity to potential fashion designers to showcase their art and creativity in fashion designing with a vision to expand and develope the fashion industry by enabling the designers rise to their potentials. They were awarded as the best fashion event for the year 2012 by the African fashion walk awards.

Josephine who is the director/chief organizer of fashion runway Uganda is also a television presenter with NBS hosting the fashion and beauty program popularly known as omusono. It was also awarded as the best fashion television program in 2011 by the African fashion walk awards. They have worked with several fashion designers such as Latif Modoi of Latif Fashion Academy, Kasule Rafeal of K-Rafael label, Nina Kerutagi of Free Spirit label, Kansiime Monica, a former miss Uganda and director of Ipigogo fashion house, Okori Juliana of Kori house of couture designs, Jewels, high fashion college, Steven Etende, Nankanja Evelyn of Evenah fashion house, Leilah Nankya of Leilah’s accessories, Vaileys fashion house by Eddy, Susan of Suzlux and Esther Babirye just to mention but a few.
They also organised the launch of Silhouette Fashion DHouse Label that was Themed Tonny 2014 haute couture by Tonny Bulenzi.

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