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Father’s reaction to Christmas gift will move you to tears

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Madison, AL — An Alabama father was moved to tears by his Christmas gift from his family. In a video posted on Vimeo, Bill Garrett can be seen opening his present in front of his wife and kids.

Much to his confusion he opens the gift to find a bowl of sugar. His wife then asks, “What is it?” Garrett responds, “Sugar.” He’s wife then asked, “Well what’s it in?”

He responds, “a bowl.” He then sees the tickets inside the box. The Alabama alum is so overwhelmed with joy that he is left speechless by the tickets to the 2015 Sugar Bowl game.

“2nd generation Bamaalum/son and family surprise Bama alum/dad with tickets to 2015 Sugar Bowl game featuring Ohio State Buckeyes and Alabama Crimson Tide. The emotional reaction is priceless and a real tearjerker.”

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