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Fight the Power

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Meet the fight the power crew – nine talented ladies from sports, media and artistic fields who are the future power of our economy. Each lady was asked what their struggles and passions are in life, and when times are tough – how do they fight the power?


Let’s press rewind and imagine 1989; two decades ago when black people in South Africa were still unable to vote, the Brixton riots commenced in 1981 and changed the face of Black London, Maggie Thatcher’s reign was coming to a thankful end and women like Oprah Winfrey were pioneering in business for the first time in history.


Across the pond in Brooklyn, New York City, a bold and courageous rap group ‘Public Enemy’ were the political voices for the underbelly of society, the poor black urban societies who were perpetuating the fight for power that brothers like Malcolm X had given his life for. With group members such as Flavour Flav who’s infamous jewellery, notably huge ticking clocks emblazoned around his neck and the black military clothing of boots and berets, reminiscent of the black panther movement in the 60’s.

Press fast forward and stop at 2010, look around you and analyse the success of our people, the drive and the passion in the face of an uncertain future, men and indeed women in their prime are creating innovative career opportunities for themselves, independently whilst in a global recession.

The iconic ‘Fight The Power’ video filmed by renowned film director Spike Lee was a chaotic and uplifting fusion of strength in unity and a message to the status quo to ‘ listen up ‘cause we are here and we are not going anywhere’.


Each talented lady is holding a line of lyrics from that potent song and has vowed to share with our Promota readers their passions, struggles and how they Fight The Power!


For some people fighting the power may be YOU battling your own self by getting out of the way those in the way of your success, negative friends, the government, whatever abstract and physical obstacle you identify as a presence but how you push through that and keep on keeping on.


Meet the Fight The Power crew – nine talented ladies from sports, media and artistic fields who are the future power of our economy. Each lady was asked what their struggles and passions are in life, and when times are tough – how do they fight the power?

Florinda Zozinia

Model and Talent Agency Director/Media Designer

started my journey in 2000 with a dream to make a difference in people’s ‘lives and in 2003 my partner (Sama Ndango) and I started a Model and Talent agency in Germany, now known as Miss African Beauty.



Where you live?





What are your passions?


To bring the best out of individuals – showing their beauty from the inside to the outside



What are your struggles?


Dealing with self limiting beliefs amongst Africans, finding African blacks who dream big and fight for it. Today I am daring and I go for my dreams just because my environment was always telling me that I CAN’T!!



How do you fight the power?


Having a dream, Being creative, Developing myself everyday with what I do, See the goal and don’t give up.


JoJo Eluka    

Aspiring Advertising Director and Model

started my journey in 2005 when I moved out into my own flat alone and began reconnecting with education. I had a year out when secondary school finished and I felt refocused as to what dreams and goals were. I decided wanted to become an Advertising Director and my first step to becoming that was to start a course in the path of Art & Design. This was exciting seeing as Art had always been a love of mine. I completed the first diploma and then went on to do a BTeC National which is currently commencing. My next step is to study Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations at University.



Where you live?


I live in North London.



What are your passions?


My passions are : learning new skills in the editing world of design; watching adverts and thinking of ways I could improve them by adding my edge on them.



What are your struggles?


My struggles are being my own personal motivator. Since a very young age (7 yrs old) I’ve been constantly surrounded by people who have never believed in me and who have always tried to bring me down due to their own insecurities because I am a confident person who is so comfortable with myself. People find it very difficult to tell me nice things and congratulate me because fear overcomes their minds. People have always tried to assassinate my character and paint me with the "baddie" brush but the people who are close to me know the real deal. I never want to be a victim because I do not respect that role.



How do you fight the power?


I fight the power by focusing on where I’ve come from and where I’m going in life. I’ve come a very long way and sometimes forget to pat myself on the back because I have high expectations of myself. This unconsciously pushes me to do the best that I can do and be the best that I can be. I’ve been fighting the power ever since I was a toddler, having no parent figure or any real role model so I’m glad to say that the way that I’ve become is by the fact that I’ve always had to have my own back!


Sandra Ajidahun

Model & Scarf Maker


Where my journey started:


’m 19 years old. I’m a part time high-fashion model. Also, I am an upcoming fashion designer. I’m launching my collection of beautiful, hand made scarf’s in the near future.



What are your passions?


To make it as a successful high-fashion model, launch my scarf-making business and also to attain my Masters in LLB Law.



What are your struggles?


My family went through some difficult times regarding our finances and my father’s business. As a family, we’ve been through a lot of hard times, but I think this made us stronger as we went through it all together and we had each other to rely on when we had nothing.



How do you fight the power:


I stay focused on my goals and work through my hardships. Anyone can give up, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do.


Dee Francis

Urban model, actress and CEO of "LOVE MS MOCHA" lingerie and swimwear clothing company.

started my journey in 2010 after going through the disappointment of coming out of school in 1997 with two GCSEs and having to constantly prove my worth to get onto the BTEC National Diploma in fashion and clothing



Where do you live?


I live in Croydon, South London (Jamaican heritage)



What are your passions?


To have every woman worldwide owning a "LOVE MS MOCHA" lingerie or swimwear set and to represent Britain’s black urban models worldwide and to start a charity for ethnic minorities affected by cancer.



What are your struggles?


Staying positive when it seems like the world is against me



How do you fight the power?


Taking every negative comment or action from others and learning from them so I can improve what I already have to become to best and to have faith in God! NEVER GIVE UP!


Clare Eluka

Skin Care owner, Beauty Editor & actress with a passion for Creative Arts


Where did the journey start?


started my journey singing when I was 4 years old. I would sing anything, M People, Soul 2 Soul, Gloria Estefan, MJ. Then I lost my father when I was 9 years old and realized that Drama lessons helped me cope with the grief. I used it to become a creative- art, writing and performing.



Where do you live?


North London.



What are your passions?


To make my Organic skincare business a global household name whilst becoming a successful actress.



What are your struggles?


Learning how to smile through the painful times. Life is so unpredictable, we think our existence is mapped out for us and then everything changes overnight. Struggle is a state of mind. I am working on seeing struggles as a healthy challenge or God’s way of teaching me invaluable lessons.



How do you fight the power?


Fearlessness, focus and persistence. I grew up in care so my childhood was pretty bleak. By using all my skills I have created an expressive empire for women, and myself, representing British Igbos worldwide.


Ebony Jewel Rainford Brent

First Black Female International England Cricketer, budding coaching company

y Journey: I have been playing cricket since I was about 10 years old, and started playing to county and international level at 14. Since then, my life has been fantastic getting to travel the world and meet new people. I have been lucky enough to fit in a Masters in Chemistry at UCL and now on top of my cricket duties, I have become joint director in a company called Calypso Cricket where we aim to enthuse freedom and flair in youngsters playing the game.



Where you live?


South London.



What are your passions?


To be as successful as I can be, and to live life to the fullest



What are your struggles?


Being poor when I was young, and the murder of my brother Jay affected my family badly.




How do you fight the power?


Try to be myself. I motivate myself by regularly setting and writing down my goals. I try not to put too much pressure on them, and think more about enjoying the process for the good or bad.


Keni Puplampu

South London based International Fashion House MAGMA KENI



eeping my head up above the waters as I mind my daily activities has been my main struggles. It’s one thing having a dream; however, ensuring the dream comes into fruition is the greatest challenge any designer who is also an international student here in the UK is likely to face.



What are your passions?


They say if you want it hard enough, you will find ways and means to achieve it. My ultimate ambition is to own an international fashion house here in UK, one that the generations after will come to know as synonymous with African fashion – culture. With God being on your side, you will achieve it.



How do you fight the power?


I wake up each day with so much certainty and hope in my heart that it becomes almost ridiculous for anyone to put me off my dreams. Human as I am, sometimes I feel down and depressed when things do not go the way I want; but hey, such is life.


Nichelle Louise Caprice Snagg

(Nichelle EvaNyce Starr) : Model/Hair Stylist/Ex-Choreographer


I started my journey aged 5 where my parents entered me into my first modeling competition. I was also enrolled into the local dance school where I studied Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary and Street. I went on to join a theatre school and also studied at Laban. I choreographed for Jauvel Juniors and went on to study Drama and Performing Arts at college. My modeling journey started when I was 18 and involved the Mahogany Bridal Show.



Where do you live? 

Lewisham (South East London). I am of Jamaican and Vincentian (St Vincent and the Grenadines) descent.



What are your passions?

To have a successful modeling career.

What are your struggles?

Being a young black female brings its own problems but I struggle to distance myself from the stereotypes of just another pretty black booty model. I try to deter from this by being very selective with whom I shoot and the types of shoots I do.I am very clear on what type of modeling I want to get into.

How do you fight the power?


By staying fully focused on my goals and not being deterred by others (haters or those who do not wish you success). By measuring my success by my own achievements and not by others’ standards.


Terri ‘Looney’ Wood

Model/ Cut & Stick Queen


My journey started when I got on to the T-mobile sing along advert … So many people told me I had a unique look and to go for modelling so I did.


What is your passion?


My passions are anything arty and different. I love everything whacky and off the wall.


What are your struggles?


I recently lost my dad. He was the most understanding person I knew. He was more like a best friend to me and when I lost him, he took a part of me with him.

How do you fight the power?


I fight the power by doing me. I don’t let people get me down. I hold my head high and carry on. As they say ‘If it don’t kill u, it will make u stronger’.


Fight the power!!!  



hen did the journey start?here did the journey start? hat are your struggles?

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