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First Lady decorated with war medals

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Nalubaale medal. Awarded to civilian activists who have contributed towards the political development of Uganda either through armed struggle or civil disobedience.



First Lady Janet Museveni was among the 69 people awarded national medals during the 49th Independence Day celebrations in Lira. Ms Museveni, who was awarded both the Nalubaale and Kagera medals, was decorated by President Museveni, who presided over the ceremonies.

Notably awarded was environment minister – Betty Bigombe, and former minister Akbar Nekyon. Both got the national independence medal. Ms Bigombe was instrumental in negotiating the peace process for northern Uganda. Mr Adoko-Nekyon, a cousin of former president Milton Obote, was not present at the ceremony.

Mr Museveni, who presided over the function, attacked MONUC, the UN peacekeeping mission in DR Congo, saying they are co-existing with terrorists while squandering money. “ADF is still in Congo despite efforts of the Congolese army,” Mr Museveni said. “MONUC is at peace with the ADF. They said they have gone there to bring peace. How can you co-exist with terrorists?” he asked.

Mr Museveni said the UN should get rid of the ADF, adding that “it is not good to squander money in the name of peacekeeping”. He urged the UN to look at what Uganda has done in Somalia by dealing with al Shabaab. He said al Shabaab were attacking the Ugandan soldiers under the mandate of the AU. “Who are you to attack us with AU flag? They thought we would run away but now we have cleared Mogadishu,” he said.

Economic ‘sabotage’
Mr Museveni assured the country that the army is now strong and will crush any incursion from DR Congo. Turning to the economy, Mr Museveni said the situation would have been better if there were no controversies surrounding investments coming from outside the country, caused by political class and media.

“You want to do something but it becomes a crisis in the newspapers and you cannot do much,” he said, adding that controversies delayed construction of Bujjagali and expansion of sugar production. He said the project to grow sugarcane in Amuru District could have started in 2006 but did not because former MP Okello Okello and others opposed it.

On the high commodity prices, the President explained that until recently, only three groups were living good life. He mentioned Western Europeans, Japanese and Americans (USA). “They have been living good lives, staying in good houses, using steel, copper and electricity,” he said.

The rest of the world, Mr Museveni added, were living in grass-thatched houses and those made of straw. He said Ugandans have started emerging from the abject poverty that confined them to huts and are now using sugar, cement, steel, copper, petroleum making demand to be high, hence the high price.

Seventy-one get medals on 49th independence

Name Status
Semakula Mulumba Deceased
Hajj Kabazzi Deceased
Tefiro Mukasa Deceased
Sulayiti Lubanga
Musa Mwanje
Stanislas Okurut
Abdala Anyuru Deceased
Alexander Y Lobidra
Alex A Ojera Deceased
Bandrah Japfer
Andrew Adimola
Perez Musamali Deceased
Nelson Kirya Kalikwani Deceased
Hanninton Kiwanuka Deceased
Akbar Adok-Nekyon
A.D Lubowa
Ali Senyonga Deceased
George Kamba Deceased
Grace Mukupe Deceased
Bildadi Muwonge Deceased
Kulanima Mukasa Deceased
Wanendya J Deceased
John Lwamafa Deceased
Noah Mbowa Deceased
Haji Bagalaaliwo
Jenkins Kiwanuka
Yusuf Bamutta Deceased

Luweero Triangle Medal
Lt. Col. Phillip Sonko Lutaya
Lt. Col. Badru Kiyingi
Lt. Col. Moses Drago
Lt. Col. Byemaro Mijumbi
Lt. Col. Bruce Muwanga
Lt. Col. Ronald Kauma
Lt. Col. Emmanuel Biganja
Lt. Col. David Lyangombe
Lt. Col. Peter Paulo Okwaro
Lt. Col. John Angelo Okello
Lt. Col. Achili Okello
Lt. Col. Sarapio Kakuhikire
Luweero Triangle Medal (Cont’d)
Lt. Col. William Ndahendekire
Lt. Col. Wilson Isoke Atwoki
SO. Okello Kolo
Major Jack Ochen
Major Patrick Kiggundu
Major Willy Kafureka Ouma
Major William Byensi
Major Jero Bweishe Bwende
Major Robert Kabura
Major Christopher Bossa
Major Victor Bwana
Major Byecaka Batumbya
Major Simon Senabulya
Major Chris Nkonge
Major Fred Rwakiseta
Major Cosmas Opio
Major Edward Kasumba
Major Partick Kiyngi
Capt. Douglas Monday
Capt. Isaac Kibuula
Captain Mariosi Katungi
Capt. David Ndayondi
Capt. Godfrey Kapaasi
Capt. Elino Ezabu

Nalubaale award
Ms Janet Kataaha Museveni
Ms Rutega
Safari Mugyenyi
Joy Mugyenyi
Mzee Kashanku
Sam Rutega
Bezigansi Rutaki

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