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As technology is getting smaller in size but bigger in functionality, it seems that a new, hip product is always new on the market. Fitness Tracker, a product that has been reproduced by hundreds of companies, is the hottest thing amongst the health-conscious. From Nike to New Balance, Fitness Tracker is one of the most popular new technologies in sports and fitness today.

Fitness Tracker is a band that is worn like a watch during physical activities or leisure, with the capacity to display key data about your fitness status including calculate step counts, calories, stair counts, distance and the amount of time one is active, on a small, easy-to-access screen.

Connecting your Tracker to a specific app within your smartphone increases the functionality of the band, displaying all of your stats in an easy-to-read layout. Some of the more enhanced also include a sleep tracker, a function that is able to calculate how much sleep you received and the quality of that sleep. Fitness Tracker is continuously evolving by providing more services and becoming more sleek. If you are serious in enhancing your fitness productivity, this product is more than capable.

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