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Five minutes with Alice Violet Mutumba

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Who is AVM?
AVM is Alice Violet Mutumba, Ugandan Born, British raised.  AVM lives and breathes entertainment and has worked in various positions behind the scenes of the entertainment industry as a singer, song writer, magazine publisher, live show event producer, fashion show producer, artist manager and so much more! After 14years behind the scenes in the industry, AVM has finally decided to bravely step out and pursue her dream as an all round performing artist!

How did u know you have a passion for music?
I decided I wanted to pursue music as career after doing performing arts at A level and a music production / technology course where I learnt how to produce music using cubase and logic. After the music course, I was really encouraged to produce music and I hooked up with a German freelance producer whom I cowrote my first tracks with. My song writing talents were noticed by a Virgin Atlantic A&R who called me for a meeting at the Virgin head office and told me to continue writing songs and nurturing my talent for music. It was at this point I not only realised I had a talent for music but I could make a career out of it!

Any album soon?
I am looking for a record label that I could work with in the future, and by God’s Grace I will release my first album early in 2015. At the moment, I have some amazing singles yet to be released to give people a small taster of what AVM can do musically. I am excited about the upcoming singles, one of which was produced by Fliptyce, the Nigerian producer who produced the Akon and Psquare chop my money remix.

Future plans?
In the near future, I am rehearsing with my dancers for stage shows, here in the UK, US and in Africa. I am also looking forward to filming my next videos and recording more music for my debut  album.

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