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Five reasons why Bluetooth Marketing could work for your business

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Bluetooth marketing or proximity marketing is a form of digital customer relationship marketing, aimed at the mobile phone user.

Bluetooth Marketing

Although this technology isn’t new, let’s face it we have been using Bluetooth to connect to wireless hands free kits for years, but when you consider that there are nearly 33.1 million mobile phone subscribers* in the UK there is a huge marketing potential to take advantage of.
Bluetooth marketing is currently one of the most innovative tools for engaging customers in the UK. Bluetooth can be used to engage customers in your immediate area, generally within a fixed radius of where the access point is based.
Your access point could be based at your office, showroom, church, night club, restaurant, airport, shop or place of business, or.
Bluetooth or proximity marketing is permissions based marketing activity, based on the opt-in marketing system compliant with CAN-SPAM. Individuals must first confirm to accept your message before they receive it, should they decide not to receive your messages, and they will not be offered them again.
Bluetooth marketing can be used to send a number of different types of messages to multiple recipients at any one time. For instance if the system is used to its maximum, you could reach up to 24,000 recipients in just one working day.

Messages content and design can vary, from, Get 50p off the price of coffee, Here’s my business card, Visit our event or exhibition, or just to visit our website (bear in mind that 91% of the adult population has access to a mobile phone and with 33.1m 3G service*contracts in existence that’s a lot of people  who can access the net on their mobile phone).

Bluetooth marketing is a cost effective, flexible, measurable method of engaging with potential customers. If you would like to know more about what Bluetooth marketing could do for your business, call us on 0207 237 7317

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