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How To Follow Your Passion and Succeed

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You really CAN follow your passion and succeed.

In online business building, a big question we all face is, "Should I follow my passion or follow the money?"

Hard-hearted marketers will tell you to follow the money, and that advice sounds sensible when you look at the advantages…

First, you identify a desperate market. Let's say your target market is people who want a cure for baldness or acne. You promote a product which promises a fast solution.

You "sell people what they want" or as Gary Halbert once said, you sell people what they feel they "must have".

You do it in a lively, interesting way, using a new angle that catches people's attention.

This "follow the money" approach CAN work – for SOME people. But it usually doesn't work for the average person. Here's why…

The BIG Problem

There's one big fat problem with the "follow the money" strategy…

If you're like most folk who follow the money, here's what happens.

After a few months, or a maybe a year or so – or perhaps even longer if you're really disciplined and determined – you discover that you're sick and tired of writing about baldness or obesity or "how to make money". You'd rather do just about anything else than work on your business.

That's really sad. We get only one shot at life and to me it seems a dreadful waste to spend your time on this planet doing something you've grown to hate. Been there, done that – and escaped!

"Follow Your Passion" Disadvantages

Choosing the "follow your passion" approach does have disadvantages.

For example, your particular passion may involve a niche which is intensely competitive. Or your niche may involve products which people are NOT desperately eager to buy. (By the way, both of those challenges can be overcome.)

However, here's the wonderful advantage you have when you choose to follow your passion…

You're much more likely to succeed because you ENJOY what you're doing. You can become so deeply involved in your "work" that you'd rather spend time on your money-making business instead of watching TV. Your business feels more like a hobby than a business.

You can actually have fun building your own business.

Also, if you can turn your hobby into a successful business, you'll have a satisfying life. Imagine earning money doing what you love. It CAN happen. You can make it happen.

Follow Your Passion and Succeed

One very keen proponent of the "Follow Your Passion and Succeed" approach to online business is SiteSell President Ken Evoy, an doctor and inventor of toys who created the SBI business-building system. He's helped thousands of people to turn their hobby into an online business.

Ken says passion is the "ingredient" that keeps folks persevering while building their own business.

"Building any kind of business is a LOT of work," he says. "It's worth it in the end of course. But it's challenging and time consuming to brainstorm, research, start and grow. You work for peanuts at first and aren't really sure that it's 'going to work'… until it does! That passion has carried you up to the 'hump' and right over it without you even realizing it."

The end result… You own a business built around your passion. You work from home, flexible hours that suit YOU, because you're your own boss, making your own decisions.

Brainstormit It! Helps You Identify The Right Niche

But what if you AREN'T passionate about something? Help is at hand…

SBI's recently enlarged Brainstormit It! – a tool for brainstorming and research – helps you choose a profitable niche that matches your interests and experience.

You'll be amazed how helpful this tool is – and it's only one part of the SBI system.

SBI's all-in-one online business building system takes you step-by-step through the process of brainstorming profitable topics, creating in-demand content, building traffic and pre-selling those visitors with a variety of money-making models.

The concept behind all this is that everyone knows something about something… a passion, hobby, interest, experience, etc. Brainstormit! helps you discover YOUR ideal niche.

The recently enlarged Brainstormit! now collects data from three sources:

  • Wordtracker's NEW keyword database
  • Amazon's huge index of 6 billion web pages
  • Sitesell's own database

Here's a more detailed explanation and a video showing what Brainstormit! does and how you can use it to brainstorm and research a profitable online business.

SBI users own businesses in a surprisingly wide variety of niches.

Passionate SBI Business Owners

Here are four examples of people who have followed their passion and succeeded

First, a self-proclaimed "Disney nut" who loves Disney World. At one stage he almost gave up but is glad he didn't…

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