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Gabourey Sidibe says ‘selfishness and lies’ now surround ‘Precious,’ Mo’Nique responds

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This week, actress Mo’Nique has been on a media blitz, after allegations emerged that Hollywood executives find her difficult to work with.

The Oscar winner said her “absence” from the big screen since her big win has nothing to do with being “blackballed” by Hollywood.

The offers and roles she received just weren’t good enough.

“I had no idea, because I don’t think that Hollywood has turned its nose up to me. I think that those are feelings [Lee Daniels] is having,” she said during an interview this week with Good Morning America.

Mo’Nique’s Precious co-star is now weighing in on the on-going “blackball” saga.

“It’s sad to see a project like Precious, that was made with such love, be dragged through the mud by selfishness and lies,” Gabourey Sidibe tweeted.

Mo’Nique then replied to her on-screen daughter’s tweet, saying, “ Hey my sweet sister. Your right that movie was made in love, and we were a part of changing folks heart and mind. Proud of it.”

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