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Gambia Foils Coup Attempt

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An attempted coup by a group of Gambian soldiers was foiled Tuesday.

The attempt at seizing power came as Gambia’s president, Yahya Jammeh, who has been in power since 1994, travelled abroad.

Military sources were quoted as saying that three coup plotters, including the alleged ringleader, had been killed.

Reports say the presidential palace was attacked at about 03:00 GMT by armed men including members of the presidential guard.

There was heavy gunfire as the assault unfolded.

The pre-dawn raid triggered panic, while national radio went off air for several hours and state television was suspended.

However, Aljazeera television quoted former vice president of the country, Bakary Darbo, as saying it was too early to say for sure if it had been a coup attempt.

Gambia is a tiny former British colony surrounded by Senegal on both its northern and southern borders.

The country is ruled by Mr. Jammeh, who has led a repressive regime since 1994 when he took power through coup d’état at age of 29.

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