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The Gay Population Is Much Bigger Than Anyone Thought

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Have you ever had a sexual experience with someone of the same gender as you? Do you identify as gay? The answer is much more likely to be yes to the first question than the second. If you answer yes to the first, can you still claim to be straight?

Those questions are at the heart of a recent study, which that claims 19% of Americans don't consider themselves heterosexual.

When asked directly, "do you consider yourself heterosexual," 11% of Americans answered no, according to the study from The study Ohio State University and Boston University published by the National Bureau of Economic Research. When asked indirect questions that measure sexual preference, an extraordinary 19% of those surveyed indicated that they are in fact not heterosexual.

When asked directly, 17% said they'd had a same-sex sexual experience. When asked indirectly, 27% admitted that they had.

These numbers are strikingly different to recent surveys that ask Americans whether they would call themselves gay. Those studies show that between 3 and 4% of Americans identify as gay. This new study indicates that there are many more Americans who would never call themselves gay, but aren't perfectly straight either.

Via PSMag.

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