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Get Your Perfect Lashes –5 Tricks

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If you always thought that it is only up to Mother Nature who gets impressive eyelashes, think again. It does not even require so much effort: with the right products, some skills, and some time, you can have that astonishing look you have always dreamed about. Follow several tips and see your lashes boom!

Good old lip balm trick

People say that lip balm can do miracles to your eyelashes, if applied regularly. All you need to do is not to forget to remove your make-up and then brush your lashes gently against the balm until they are covered with a pretty thick layer of it. Do this, before you go to sleep and use a sleeping mask for the night to make the lip balm stay. In the morning, do not forget to wash it out. For a greater effect, you can also apply some olive oil or castor oil onto your lashes during day time. These two techniques might take some time to produce results but they definitely work in the longer term.

Curl them up

If you have not used it before, consider getting an eyelash curler. Use it before applying mascara, since otherwise you can damage your lashes pretty hard. Also, if you squeeze it hard enough every time, your lashes will start growing upwards, so it is an effort definitely worth putting to get the look you want to have. Even if your mascara does not have a curling effect, you can easily get such a look just by using a curler.

A healthy diet for stunning eyelashes

The principle of how your eyelashes grow is similar to the one how your hair grows. Thus, a balanced diet with plenty of vitamins A and D can produce some incredible effects, yet it may take around three months for them to become visible.  So, your desire to have stunning eyelashes can in fact also serve as a motivating factor to improve your diet and lead a healthier life.

Mascara and other tricks

In addition to the useful tips already described, cosmetics are always an easy shortcut to impress people with your look. First, choose your mascara carefully. Do not necessarily go for the ones that promise a whole kit of effects –longer, thicker, curlier, etc. – but instead choose one that promises one or two effects that your eyelashes could really use. In case your new mascara does not satisfy you as much as your old one, just keep the brush of the previous one and use it instead, it will save you a great deal of frustration. For special occasions, try artificial lashes. There is a great variety of them that could be used from important photo shoots to, for instance, Halloween. Experiment until you discover your own look, yet without using them too often as it can damage your eyelid skin in the long term.

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Ready, Steady, Impress!

All you need to do to get perfect lashes is to equip yourself with knowledge and patience. Improve your diet, use natural products as well as cosmetics, and see your eyelashes get longer, thicker, and just astonishing.  Invest in your look and see that attention skyrocketing!

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