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Ghana’s budding Fashion & Textiles Entrepeneur

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Enam Gbewonyo talks to Promota about aesthetics & living in New York.

Clare Eluka: When did you discover your passion for art?

Enam Gbewonyo: I always enjoyed art from a very young age but I think I really developed a passion for it at Secondary School. I remember staying up late many nights working on projects. I just couldn’t stop; it became an addiction.

CE- What was your internship like in New york?

EG: Living in New York alone was an education. It was such a culture shock. We may speak the same language but there are many differences. The internship was an amazing experience. I was so green when I finished university and not only was this my first real job in a corporate field, it was my first real taste of the fashion industry. I certainly gained an invaluable insight into the inner workings of the industry, which stood me in good stead for the future. CE- How would you describe your style?

EG: My style is very unique and tactile. I am a Multimedia Textile Artist, so I mix knit, embroidery, wire-work, texture and surface pattern with more conventional painting techniques.  My work explores the themes of movement and freedom. I’m inspired by nature but also find that my Ghanaian heritage seeps through unintentionally be it through colour, texture or style.

CE- What is the hardest thing about being a professional creative?

EG: The hardest thing is definitely finding the time to fit everything in. Having a full time job, it’s hard juggling what is essentially two careers, but I love the challenge. Somehow it works.

CE- What is the future for Enam?

EG: The future for me is very clear. To establish myself as an artist and eventually working in Ghana to promote the arts.

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