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Global threat of Ebola: From the US to China, scientists plot spread of deadly disease across the world from its West African hotbed

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  • Disease spreading rapidly across West Africa; more than 3,400 people dead and 7,500 infected
  • The first case was confirmed in the United States last week
  • 114 people came into contact with him before he was diagnosed¬†
  • Scientists believe an infected person will arrive in the UK before October 24
  • Estimate a 75% chance of the virus reaching France in that time
  • Belgium has a 40% chance of the disease reaching its shores, while Spain and Switzerland have lower risks, at 14% each
Unreported World 1/8: Surviving Ebola

The deadly Ebola virus could spread across the world infecting people from the U.S. to China within three weeks, scientists have warned.

There is a 50 per cent chance a traveller carrying the disease could touch down in the UK by October 24, a team of U.S. researchers have predicted.

Using Ebola spread patterns and airline traffic data they have calculated the odds of the virus spreading across the world.

They estimate there is a 75 per cent chance Ebola will reach French shores by October 24.

And Belgium has a 40 per cent chance of seeing the disease arrive on its territory, while Spain and Switzerland have lower risks of 14 per cent each.

The virus is spreading rapidly across West Africa, with more than 3,400 people known to have died and 7,500 infected.

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