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Gloria Wavamunno – Ugandan Fashion Designer: Gloria Wavamunno

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Gloria launched her brand in 2009, shortly after graduating from art school in London, United Kingdom and working with renowned International Menswear Tailor Ozwald Boateng, on Savile Row.

GloRia WavaMunno eponymous label was launched in 2009 in Kampala, Uganda. The brand’s light, eccentric clothing for women has received wide acclamation in the African World of fashion, as well as International acknowledgement.
The Brand offers a line of various simple structured tailored garments.
The company is currently based in Kampala, Uganda.

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Your cultural background is both British and Uganda. What inspires you most from either culture when you design your collections?
I was born in the UK during the civil unrest in Uganda at the time.  Both my parents are Ugandan, with my mother being mixed with  European roots, which is not England. I did go to boarding school at the end of high school and finished my university studies in the UK.  But being exposed to a different culture such as England encouraged me to question cultures, understand backgrounds and explore different environments. I am fascinated by the differences in this world and how they do merge, stem and reflect from each other. I try to reflect that in my pieces, the ability to be many things at once, but appear as one.
What do you really express through your bold designs?
I would like to think comfort in one’s appearance is what my designs express, as well as a quality piece of clothing that flatters.
What did you gain from your internship with renown designer Ozwald Boateng?
I think in simple terms it ignited a passion for this industry as a creator. His involvement in every area of his work was a wonderful thing to witness. Coming from family with a business background, it allowed me to accept that I could be an artist and run my art as a business.
You have taken part in several major fashion shows in the UK?  What impact did it have on your label?
Well, a few in the UK, and around Europe. The impact I can see is that is has brought the attention of my brand to eyes that may not have come across it quite easily or may never have known about the brand if it wasn’t for these mediums.  So a certain kind of growth for the brand occurred.
What are you currently working on?  And what are your aspirations for the future?
I stock my pieces in a store located in Kampala, Uganda, and I always make pieces to supply them. And I am working on a collection as well. The direction the brand is heading towards is one I hope will continue to inspire, which is simple, detailed garment construction that compliments the female body in all its glory, and in ways that lets the personality of the individual shine in confidence.
What advice would you give to fashion students to be successful in the fashion industry today?
Understand the business aspect of the industry, understand your direction and goals you wish to achieve with your brand. Your dream does not have to be like anyone else’s; it must function and develop for you and your brand identity. Develop creatively, and fingers crossed that it grows.

Where can we buy your clothes now?
My pieces have been available on various online shops internationally and around Africa from Kenya to Nigeria and South Africa, for limited times. At the moment, my pieces are stocked at Bold Store, located in the Acacia Mall on the 1st floor, Kisementi, Kampala, Uganda.


GloRia WavaMunno’s vision is to fuse the diverse, eccentric and vibrant world of African cultures, textures, fabrics and print, to the adaption of timeless and inventive garment constructions.

"For someone to feel just as they should; individual."

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