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Golola in financial dispute with managers

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By Swalley Kenyi

A dispute has erupted over money between kickboxer Moses Golola, his family on one side and his promoter Patrick Kanyomozi and manager Abbey Rafsanjani on the other.

Golola is demanding sh30m from gate collection at the fight on Friday night but the manager and promoter insists less money was collected because Golola’s family hijacked entrance to the venue of the fight and caused losses.

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“I can confirm that there is a dispute involving the promoter (Kanyomozi) and Golola’s brother pastor Evans Mayambala. They brought bouncers to take over the gate and many people watched the fight for free,” Rafsanjani said Monday afternoon.

“However the promoter has told me he is still working out the money and Golola would be paid. It was a mess. I gave up my responsibility to keep my name,” Rafsanjani added.

The boxer is reportedly stuck at Hotel Africana waiting for the money. Golola and his promoter agreed to share 40 and 60 per cent respectively.

In an interview with The New Vision today  ,Golola insisted he is the champion of the Inter-Continental kickboxing fight.

Moses Golola insists he is the winner of Friday’s Inter-Continental kickboxing championship against Hungarian Nagy Andras and refers to himself as ‘Moses Golola the Champion’.

 “I’m very dangerous and nobody should ever play with me-I’m Moses Golola the Champion,” he yelled at this reporter.
Golola who has been holed up in Room 304 in Hotel Africana since the controversial bears a cut on his forehead and has a broken thump.
The President of the Uganda Kickboxing Federation, Hassan Ssekirime however said that coaches and kick boxers in Uganda including Golola need more training and promised that a course would be conducted in Uganda before the April 27 rematch.
“There were some weaknesses and we need an instructors’ course to improve on the skills of the game. The style of the game had rules that were not well versed with fighters here,” he said. He stressed that Golola needs more training to enable him score highly.
Ssekirime commended Nagy saying he was a strong fighter and hailed Golola for having endured up to the last round.
He however blamed his boss, the Executive Director of the World Kickboxing Federation Fritz Exenberg, who was the day’s referee for having been the source of the confusion.
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Additional information by Eddie Ssejoba

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