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Gone in 60 seconds: The dramatic moment a ferocious lion killed a wildebeest in a brutal battle that lasted less than a minute

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  • New pictures show the moment a lion pounces on a unsuspecting wildebeest in the Masai Mara in Kenya 
  • The two animals begin to fight with the big cat grabbing the wildebeest by the neck, pulling it to the floor 
  • The lion then leaves its victim for dead after a brutal battle lasting less than a minute 
  • Clash was captured on camera by photographer Aditya Singh, who says the lion delivered a fatal blow with its paw

This is the dramatic moment a ferocious lion killed a wildebeest in less than a minute after a brutal battle on an African plain.

The whole clash was captured on camera and shows the lion waiting patiently for the injured wildebeest before pouncing on its hapless victim.

The two animals can then be seen tussling with each other before the big cat grabs the wildebeest by the neck and pulls it to the ground, where it is unable to recover.

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