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Today, I am compelled to write to religious leaders of Uganda. This urge has been with me for quite a while and it is time for me to share some of my views and concerns with you.

I have a very strong bond with Uganda, which started through my sponsorship of several children. The love I have for these children – and many other Ugandan people – has firmly planted my heart in Uganda.

In London, I follow closely all developments taking place in Uganda. And many of the events I read about sadden me immensely.

What I witness as an outsider are the signs of several severe diseases that no medication can cure. For example, I have had firsthand experience on quite a few occasions, of the astounding inclination of many Ugandans to blatantly indulge in lying, cheating and deceiving with no concern whatsoever for the consequences of these very destructive habits!

I have also witnessed a chronic aspiration by most to acquire material gains, whilst displaying a strong dislike to activities that would not benefit them financially, even if these activities would help alleviate the suffering of others, as well as their own.

And then, we also witness the blatant lack of love and compassion when we read very regularly reports of lynching and of untold abuses perpetrated against children and women.

Since you are a religious leader, let us talk about the subject of Love.

Was not one of the first commandments to “Love one another”? Was not Jesus forever telling us to have love for ourselves and for each one of our brothers and sisters? What Jesus did not say was that we should love some of them, but not all of them. Jesus made no exception and neither should we – that is, if we truly worship Him as our Lord!

Yet, we find in Ugandan society that if people cannot show proof of their material wealth, they are not considered worthy of being seen with or associated with, and maybe even of being loved.

Jesus also warned us about not judging one another. It was not so much a matter of  “…or we will be judged…”. The matter at hand, which Jesus was very aware of, is that none of us is capable of judging another because we cannot see the true state of another’s mind, heart and soul and therefore will never be able to judge justly or accurately.

This point leads me to the horrendous habit of lynching people in Uganda.  Don’t we have here a blatant case of judgment – out of courts or judiciary system – which is very swiftly passed by an angry, blind and unthinking mob who seeks revenge by smashing a poor person’s head into a pulp for a stolen chicken or bike, and then calls it justice done?

That lynching is taking place in Uganda in 2008 is appalling enough. What to my ears is even worse than the screams of the poor person feeling his head smashed to bits is the thunderously deafening silence of all religious leaders in Uganda who do not openly, publicly and very clearly condemn the practice! The same counts for people in the government.

Could it be that these lynched people are considered unworthy of being loved, let alone being given a fair trial? If Jesus was walking amongst us today, would you not think that He would rush to the rescue of the poor victims about to lose their lives, and ask the mobs holding the stones if they have never sinned in their lives before? Isn’t history repeating itself here?

Have we learned absolutely nothing in 2000 years? I start to wonder if Jesus has died in vain.

Jesus is weeping right now at the state of our hearts. He is also weeping because the ones who are hailing His name the loudest are often the ones who are only paying lip service to His teachings, whilst bandying His name about like a VIP pass to Heaven.  “Love one another” cannot be paid lip service to; Love should not be just talked about; it must be put into action and service for our brothers and sisters, all of them without exception!  True Unconditional Love transcends all boundaries and earthly matters and conditions. How many of us are attempting to rise above our earthly inclinations and start to walk the talk of Jesus Christ?

If Jesus was to ask you “Why did you not help your brother? Was he not worthy of your love?”, you may be hard pressed to find a valid answer. Because, in the light of the Boundless Love that our Lord bestows on us at all times, no matter what we do, our excuses will look so weak, deformed and truly pathetic, that we would probably hide with shame and guilt!

Not speaking against the injustices happening right on our front door steps is tantamount to throwing the stones and inflicting the suffering ourselves!

And this counts for any injustice that we witness or even perpetrate ourselves in thoughts, words and deeds against anyone, especially children, women, the disabled and homosexuals.

I urge you to try to understand the deepest meaning of the word “unconditional”. Then move on to the deepest meaning of the words “Love one another”.

Jesus knows exactly if we are truthful in our hearts. He knows exactly when we pay only lip service to His teachings, without engaging our heart and soul in full.  The sincerity of our Love cannot be faked and Jesus cannot be fooled.

It is now a matter of urgency for the salvation of the whole of humanity to express more love, compassion and tolerance towards one another. It is also urgent that we all learn to overcome and rise above the distraction of earthly, temporal and totally worthless material things.

I wish to urge you, dear religious leader, from today onward, to make Unconditional Love the central pillar in your own life and in all your preaching and sermons. We all must have the courage to walk the talk of Unconditional Love and set aside all remnants of prejudice, intolerance and unkindness that we may be afraid to uncover in our own heart. We owe this to God and to Jesus.

I also urge you not to try to contain or limit Unconditional Love within the perimeters of certain teachings. Unconditional Love cannot in any way be shaped or directed in a particular way, according to our own fallible and limited beliefs in – and understanding of- Divine Love.

Jesus gave His love indiscriminately. So should we. He did not limit or condition His giving. Neither should we.

I also urge you to remember that Jesus said “The Kingdom of God is within you”. This Divine Kingdom is the true and only source of our real wealth.  To define a rich person by the amount of his material possessions or his hefty bank balance is a sure sign that we have never even glimpsed the Kingdom of God within ourselves.  Absolutely no one ever on this planet has been rich through material possessions. In the eyes of the Lord, these mean nothing at all as they all “rust, rot and attract moths and thieves”.  However, the Lord is very interested in what riches we have given away in terms of love, compassion, tolerance, justice, comfort and kindness.

Have you had the humble privilege of glimpsing the Kingdom of God within yourself? If you truly have, then you will know that absolutely no thing on Earth can compare to the wealth that God forever pours into you when you are a pure, humble and willing recipient and servant of His Unconditional Love and Peace.

Jesus asked the rich man who wanted to know the Kingdom of God if he was willing to sell all of his possessions, give the proceeds to the poor and follow Him. The man could not let go of the material world. If Jesus asked you the same question today, would you fare better than this man of 2000 years ago?

At the end of our lives, we will judge ourselves according to how much love, compassion, justice and tolerance we will have given to each of our brothers and sisters. To think that God will judge us for our actions once we are dead, is to cop out of the responsibility that we have today, on earth, towards every single one of our thoughts and actions. It is very unwise to wait that we are on our deathbed to make such a crucial assessment of the state of our heart and soul. We will not have the time to make amends anymore.

How are you faring in your life? This very moment as you read these words, is Unconditional Love truly all that you have in your heart and soul?

It is never too late to embrace the precept of Unconditional Love and start to express more of it towards everyone without exception and under every circumstance.

It may help to ask yourself, “What would Jesus do now?” Invariably, the answer will be “He would choose Love and Peace”.

Let us today thrive to become more like Jesus. To pay only lip service to His teachings is tantamount to proclaiming that He died in vain and that we do not even care that He willingly gave His life for us!

May you be blessed on your new path leading to the Kingdom of God within you.

Remember the most important thing:  “Love is all there is, all that has ever been and ever will be.”


Giving you Boundless Love and Light,

Isabelle Gravenstein –  07737 666724

Feature Editor of the Promota Africa magazine  –  Read your  free copy here

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