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Hamas fire rockets at Israeli cities after Gaza is pounded by airstrikes as 40,000 reservists called up and tanks massed for ‘planned operation’

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  • Air raid sirens sounded across Israel tonight as Hamas said it was targeting Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa
  • People evacuated Israel’s Mediterranean beaches, running for shelter in nearby hotels
  • Israeli military bombs 50 sites in Gaza, including homes, in air strikes and naval attacks as part of new offensive
  • Troops have also been mobilised for possible ground invasion aimed at stopping recent barrage of rocket attacks
  • Attacks by Israel come after cabinet approved ‘hardening’ of stance against Hamas as tanks mass on border
  • Nearly 300 rockets and mortars have been fired at Israel in recent weeks, including barrage of 80 projectiles yesterday
  • Tensions mounting after killing of Palestinian boy, 16, in suspected revenge attack for deaths of three Israeli youths

Air raid sirens were sounded across Israel tonight as the country’s armed forces stepped up their offensive in the Gaza Strip. A series of explosions hit Jerusalem as apparent rocket attacks were carried out by Hamas which has seen its territory in Gaza pounded by airstrikes throughout the day.

On Tuesday night the group said it had launched rocket attacks against three Israeli cities – Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa – but authorities said there had been no casualties. Israeli officials said a rocket had landed in Hadera,100km (60 miles) from Gaza – further into the country than had previously been reached – and threatened to invade if the attacks didn’t stop.

Air raid sirens in the cities prompted people to flee Israel’s Mediterranean beaches and take shelter in nearby hotels. On one of the beaches, Zikim, Israeli troops killed four Hamas gunmen who had crossed the Gaza border, according to officials.

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