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One needs to wander down the Highway to Holistic Health and Wellness. Since, there is an abundance and a wealth of information on your E-Mail, T.V., Informercials, Commercials, all explaining their wares, asking you to buy, buy, as theirs is the best, and the fountain of youth! After all, you need to have each and everyone! Scare tactics, are also of abundance, and you need the miracle pill to make you more alluring, ward off the disease of aging, and keep you more vital and energetic for a long time. We all know about fruits and vegetables, good food diets and exercise, exercise! You also hear a lot of contradictions~it’s very confusing and time consuming! So, now what! Although, all of the above is very important, complete Nutritional Protocols, which means not coming down with degenerative diseases, or if you have them already, as statistics are showing, that I in 3 are subject to Cancer, all kinds of Auto Immune diseases, which may include Parkinsons, Heart Diseases, Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis, etc. All inflammatory issues here, where properly prescribed prescriptions are causing the death of (latest numbers) 106,000 and more.

But, yes sometimes they are necessary, and one can do both Nutritional & RX. So, when we have to address all the poisons in the environment, in our foods, in the air, we breath, and what we have done to the earth, to bring all of this upon ourselves, being the first generation in the history of mankind to experience all of this! The shocking truth is, that each and everyone of us could have a variety of 10 pesticides of buried toxic poisons in our bodies and colon! How about that! For coming down with Degenerative Diseases!To have a Cleaner, Painless, Tireless, Agingless and Energetic Body in the Best of Health~takes focusing in and consistency.

Your Health is your Wealth, so the saying goes! The 5 Elements of Chinese & Universal Herbology, Detoxing (not for a few days or even a month, needs to be ongoing) Cleansing (ongoing) Repairing, Rebuilding and Maintaining.We have a lot to discuss here, so stay tuned for that Lean Mean Ageless Body! By Suma G Nathan Certified Registered Holistic Nutritionist Certified Chinese Herbologist 40 yrs in the Holistic field, 29yrs professionally Website E-Mail¬† Located in Las Vegas, N.V. USA Prvt Counseling,Seminars Information is for education, research and entertainment purposes, if you have a health concern, contact a qualified Medical Practioner. No statements here, have been evaluated by the FDA — Visit My Web Site at

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