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Migration remains a thorny political and social issue in the West, particularly in Britain and the USA. Although a lot has been written on migration, very little has been comprehensively written by immigrants themselves about the way they view and feel about their personal and collective experiences.
All migrants I have met have many untold stories. When those who don’t have personal migration experiences try to write these stories, their versions may lack a personal touch and the raw emotions associated with migration.

Migrants’ stories include betrayal by their own people, the pain of leaving their homes and valuables, cultural shock, racism, starting all over again, despair and hope in their host country etc.

Through the eyes of an immigrant black lawyer and social science researcher, this book is a product of combined semi-autobiographies which attempt to tell those stories in a very imaginative, creative and interesting manner.

It goes further to discuss general  critical social issues in black and ethnic minority communities of  Britain, France, USA and issues of ethnicity, race and culture  in former colonies such as Zimbabwe, Jamaica and South Africa.  In addition, the book conceptually analyses these stories from a social science perspective. It similarly shares some well tested ideas and concepts that would help migrants, black people especially black boys and minority ethnics in realizing their full potential under adversity.

The book contains hard truths which may hurt but telling a lie would have been worse. This book is a must read for everybody with an interest in migration and related issues, students of  sociology, forensic psychology, anthropology, social work and other social sciences.

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