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Hitler stashed £3.6billion in Swiss banks: Historians trace dictator’s money after it vanished following his death

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  • The dictator amassed hundreds of millions of pounds in today’s money
  • He hid it from German people and presented himself as almost penniless
  • Historians have managed to trace the vanished money through documents

Hitler was a tax dodger who hid a vast fortune across several Swiss bank accounts, historians have discovered.
Documents have emerged showing the dictator amassed hundreds of millions of pounds in today’s money, which he concealed from the German people.
It appeared to vanish completely after his death, along with his substantial art collection.

But historians have now managed to trace the money through tax documents and bank statements. They believe he was worth around 1.1billion Reichsmarks, the equivalent of £3.6billion today.

During his lifetime the Nazi leader insisted his public speeches only made him a small amount of money and that he did not even have a bank account.

But documentary The Hunt For Hitler’s Missing Millions, to be aired tomorrow on Channel 5, will explore how he secretly gained a huge fortune.

He refused to pay taxes, dodging £1.75million before passing a law that made him exempt.The book he wrote in prison, Mein Kampf, generated one million Reichs-marks-per-year after Hitler decreed that a copy be given to every married couple – paid for by the government. Experts also claim the dictator wrote a secret will on the morning of his death, hoping to trick the German people into believing his humble claims.

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