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Hon. Mukula Backed by Minister Otafiire On Succession of Museveni

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Unbelievable as it seems, Justice Minister Kahinda Otafiire snubbed NRM members who think talking about Succession is a party taboo.

While on a local radio, the fire spitting Otafiire disagreed with those crucifying Capt. Mike Mukula calling for debate on president’s succession.

“What is wrong with Mukula’s argument, Ugandans have a right to determine who succeeds them. These are the things that took us to the bush,” a snoop heard the retired general saying.

Hysteria recently reported that NRM is in a big rift over the succession question, and the minister has just added his volume to it.

Who doubts words of a former National Political Commissar of then NRM/A. Let’s see and wait as the debate unfolds.

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