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#horror: The moment Muslim Syrian extremists cut off a man’s hand as punishment for stealing – and posted pics LIVE on Twitter

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A group of Syrian Islamist militants posted a series of photographs of a man having his hand cut off in a live-update on Twitter.

The live-feed of the amputation, which was carried out in the northern town of Maskanah, near Aleppo, was re-tweeted by several Jihadi social media channels.

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The group responsible, militant organisation ISIS – Islamist State in Iraq and Syria – claimed the man, an alleged thief, had requested to be punished in this way.

Several Jihadi accounts said the ‘thief’ had admitted his crimes ‘and also asked that his hand be cut off to cleanse his sins’.

It was not immediately possible to verify the accounts, and the photographs and tweets have now been removed from Twitter.
The Twitter account that posted the images has now been suspended from the social networking site.

The punishment was inflicted by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), a pro-Al Qaeda Jihadist group that many fear is taking an iron grip over parts of Syria.

The group was formed in April 2013 and grew out of Al Qaeda’s affiliate organisation in Iraq, but it was formally disowned by the central organisation on February 3 for being too extreme.

One of its leaders, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has been deemed Middle East’s most-wanted by the Iraqi interior ministry after a series of terrorist attacks which won him the moniker ‘The Ghost’.

Born from ISI (Islamic State in Iraq), it fought U.S. troops in the country before the end of the Iraq war in 2011.

It has since become one of the main Jihadist groups fighting government forces in Syria and is mainly composed of foreign fighters.
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