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How I make it work: Damalie .K. Mukiibi

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Damalie .K. Mukiibi , is the head of SME Women in Business at DFCU bank

How do you create time to be a mother with your busy schedule?
On weekdays, I leave work late but the weekends and especially Sundays, I spend all my time with my family. I cook, wash, and do all the motherly duties I am not able to do during the week.

How do you make sure your children don’t miss parental attention when you are not there?
I have a very supportive husband. He has no issues taking over if he gets home early or even playing mom for the time I am not there.

What about creating time for your husband?
I often have supper with my husband when I get home from work. Also on Friday evenings, we alternate between family dinners and date nights where it is just my husband and I. Sometimes he also picks me from work. I have plenty of time with him.

Do you have a team of supportive female friends too, and when do you meet?
I have few friends and they also happen to be very busy. We rarely meet up except for the occasional lunch because all of us are taken up by work and family. I spend a lot more time with women in business, my clients more than I do with friends.

Any fitness tips?
Honestly speaking, this is an area of improvement for me. I work out only once in a while and my gym bag is gathering dust, so no tips from me.

What about beauty? What is your normal beauty regimen?
I have a shelf full of things, and sometimes I can’t even remember what goes where. However, I am pretty consistent about my bath products, I use rose scented foam bath, in fact everything I use is rose scented.
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