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Women don't expect men to smell good — not the way a man might expect a woman to. We do hope that you'd smell clean and fresh, but smelling good is more of a bonus. If you're a man who would like to go out of his way to smell good, bonus points for you! But might I suggest you try to do so in an understated way, rather than go over the top with your big brother's bottle of Drakkar? Smelling good starts long before the cologne comes out. Read on for tips on how to smell good and get the ladies bein' all crazy n' stuff.

Bathe with a nice body wash.
There are many, many good body wash products for men these days and you should take advantage of them. They are cheap and effective! If you don't dig cologne and things of that nature, a body wash would be enough to keep you smelling sexy for most of the day, provided it goes with your body chemistry. (Which you can determine easily enough by simply observing how long it lasts for — if you don't still smell like your body wash a few hours after you shower, you probably need to try another formula that will last.)

Use a nice shampoo.
Most shampoos smell great and you don't need to buy something special — in fact, many body washes are also shampoos and that's perfectly fine. I'm saying this primarily for those men who take a bar of ivory soap to their hair and that's it. Even Johnson's Baby Shampoo would be better. Women like to touch and smell hair just as much as men do: spiff it up for us, tough guy.
This is important for obvious reasons, but you don't have to get something scented. You could always get something unscented and then use cologne or body wash to create the body scent you desire.

Brush your teeth, use mouthwash and/or mints.
This may sound insulting, but the simple truth is that bad breath will negate even the best smelling male body. You don't need to smell like you just brushed your teeth but neither should you smell like you've got food rotting between your gums. And speaking of, the latter will make your breath reek, even if you've just brushed your teeth and rinsed with Listerine — so make sure you floss, too. Also, pop a tic tac or two just before you pick your date up and her first impression will be clean, fresh breath.

Science often claims that scent has no physical effect on women, but this is total BS and recent studies are finally starting to come to terms with that. Sexy men's cologne equals sexy men; simple as. But the secret isn't choosing a good cologne as much as it's using one wisely. You don't want to bathe in cologne, nor do you want one that will clash with your body wash. Therefore, you may want to go with either or — but you can definitely combine them, as long as the mix isn't noxious or overpowering. A spritz in the facial / neck area is probably enough.

Other scents to be aware of:

  • If you use gel or hairspray, these things will affect your scent — make sure everything works well together.
  •  Smoking or being in a smokey environment will make you smell like smoke, and the smoke will stick to your hair, especially if you've got product in it. Smoke smells like arse to anyone who doesn't smoke themselves — and spraying cologne over top of it just makes you smell worse.
  • Your clothes make you smell a certain way, depending on how they've been laundered. Make sure your clothes are clean! But also make sure you don't overdo it, as too much fabric softener or too much detergent can lead to pungent aromas.
  • Coffee, beer, cheese, milk and other foods / drinks can make your breath smell very badly.
  •  It's ok to create your own personal scent combination but you should run it by a female first to see if it's appealing or not — men aren't always the best judges of what women like!

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