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How to Avoid WhatsApp Fees

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Are you the power user of WhatsApp? Before getting started, let me clear that we all know and use WhatsApp. It’s a most famous Instant Messaging Application available for almost all mobile platforms. Now, its also available for your PC’s.

How to extend trial period (or) avoid WhatsApp Fees?

It’s more simple, just delete your existing WhatsApp Account and create a new Account. Your Account will get extended to next 1-year, This technique is working fine till date. I am not sure about the future, If anything changed I will surely let you know. So, Subscribe us for further updates.


Press “Continue” and enter your mobile  and follow to complete your “Deletion” process. It will delete all your details on WhatsApp, now create a new account with WhatsApp. That’s all you will get another one year extension of free trial account. I hope this could better idea to avoid your WhatsApp fees. Enjoy WhatsApp ‘ing.  If you have any doubts please leave a comment below. I am ready to serve you.


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