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How to Be a Front Runner

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As the founder of a business with a current turnover of R5 billion, Asher Bohbot takes his leadership role seriously. Here are his top ten rules on leading from the front.

  1. Work hard. There are no shortcuts in life or in business.
  2.  Be humble. Arrogance and a big ego will weigh heavily on you. Big egos need to be serviced and fed all the time and this requires time, effort and energy that is best spent elsewhere.
  3. Hire people who are better than you. They will make you look good. The quality of a business is directly correlated with the skill and talent of the people in that business.
  4. Give your people space. People need to have their own ‘patch’ or territory. This is particularly hard for an entrepreneur to do, but you have to let go and trust that you have hired the right people. You may be surprised at how well they deliver. Remember that you are not the only guy with ability.
  5. Judge wisely. Develop the ability to judge people and tell those who are good for the business apart from the others. This is important when you bring people into the business, and when you are negotiating with people outside the business.
  6. Know your financials. They are the yardstick for business. If this is not a skill that comes naturally or was part of your training, invest in acquiring it. You cannot run a business without having a good grip on the financials. And while employing an expert financial director is important, having this person on hand should not be an excuse for not understanding the financials yourself.
  7. See your business as a calling. People will respond better to a cause than to the notion that they need to make money for you or your shareholders. Identify the broader purpose of your business and its importance in society and communicate this to your people.
  8. Manage your business with a sound value system. You will need it as a compass. It’s something you need to stick to and not shift with changing circumstances. You also need to communicate it in a clear and uncompromising way.
  9. Put yourself in the other guy’s shoes. The world looks very different from there. The ability to do this will not only make you more sensitive to people’s emotions, but it will also improve your judgement and ability to make decisions.
  10. Lead with conviction. Be consistent, have a clear vision that you communicate clearly, and be certain of the way forward. If you are not clear on your direction, you will get pulled in different directions along the way, and no one else will know either.


Vital Stats

  • Player: Asher Bohbot
  • Company: EOH
  • Turnover: R5 billion
  • Contact:


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