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Poem: I am Hair for you

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Why don’t you like me?
Its like you always want to fight me

You appreciated me when you was younger

I was thick and I was able to grow longer

My roots where deep in your head
But then you tortured me instead

I tried to stay strong
But you were burning me for too long

You told people I was hard to handle when i was just being myself

And you don’t even realise that you’re affecting your health.

All you have to do is give me what I need
And stop treating me like a weed

I am beautiful and curly
Enough to make you girly

But you always make me straight
That’s why I lose too much weight

I’ve been pulled, poisoned and burned
Would it not be easier just to learn?

Search for a natural ingredient
Why can’t you be more lenient?

I deserve to breath
I don’t need to always be in a weave

When your 50 I’m going to pack up and leave

If you take care of me I will take care of you

Why am I effected just because the media says its not true

I’m trying to fight off cancer
But you continue to feed me relaxer

I don’t respond well to heat
Is it wrong to be unique?

I don’t want to be anyonelese but my Afro self
The cosmetic shops are killing us all
Why can’t you put that sulphate shampoo back on that shelve?

Why are you paying for my destruction?
Other people profit for our own corruption

I don’t need to be mix race to glow
Pay attention to me and I will show you how much I can grow

I will never leave you alone
Please just avoid that silicone

And yes I’m talking about conditioner

Read the labels before you give them to me
And I will stay healthy and as natural as a tropical tree

By Lloyd Adejubu

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