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‘I intend to go back to UK’: British jihadist’s chilling tweet reveals terrorists are heading home from Iraq and Syria on a mission to kill

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  • Anti-terror investigators are examining tweet by a British terrorist
  • Using the name Abu Rashash Britani, he claims he is in Syria
  • It came as David Cameron warned Britain can’t afford ignore chaos

A British jihadist fighting in Syria has claimed that insurgents will return to the UK on the orders of the fanatical Al Qaeda-inspired terrorist leader behind the wave of atrocities in Iraq.

Anti-terror investigators in London are examining the claim in a tweet by a man using the name Abu Rashash Britani that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, head of ISIS, is targeting the UK with homegrown fighters.

Baghdadi, who has a £6million bounty on his head, is considered the world’s most dangerous terrorist leader.

The tweet from Abu Rashash Britani declared: ‘I my brother intend to go back to #UK under the order of our Ameer Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi #foreignpolicy.’

It is the first time it has been suggested that Baghdadi is preparing to send his battle-hardened and highly trained ISIS fighters back to the UK.

The revelation came as David Cameron warned that Britain cannot afford to ignore the chaos in Iraq and Syria because of the risk that British jihadis will bring their murderous tactics back to the UK.

He told MPs: ‘I disagree with those people who think this is nothing to do with us and if they want to have some sort of extreme Islamist regime in the middle of Iraq, that won’t affect us. It will.

‘The people in that regime – as well as trying to take territory – are also planning to attack us here at home in the United Kingdom. So the right answer is to be long-term, hard-headed, patient and intelligent with the interventions that we make.’

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