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I shall steal from Myself!

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Please follow to explain to you that indeed, however nonsensical  it sounds, people steal from themselves  often and do not even know it, because their action of stealing looks like they are taking from another, and not from themselves.


Yet again, the publisher of The Promota and I had this discussion about lack of integrity in the African community in the UK, and in the heart of Africans back home, in the Motherland. Yet again, he tells me of people in the highest position of leadership and political circles regularly engaging in deceit, lies, deceptions and highjacking of ideas, projects and investors.


When I visited Uganda the first time, I thought Ugandans were like me, what they said was a fact, the truth, and I could believe every word, which I did! Did I fall from a great height the day I realised that nearly everything I was being told had to be inspected closely for questioning, lies sifted from the truth, a truth that was very scant indeed!!


Mr Mutenza told me that the majority of the people who come forward to help with his various community projects nearly always help him with a hidden agenda, ‘How can I use this man’s contacts for my own gain? How can I highjack his investors and make it look like they are investing in Uganda, thanks to me? This actually really did happen, coming from a diplomat who blatantly said this untruth to the President of Uganda, but was corrected in his track before he could finish spinning his web of lies!!  And if this were not bad enough, people also indulge in character sabotaging, out of jealousy, maliciousness or envy.


Are such people really so ignorant that they do not how destructive these activities are for themselves?  Are they so ignorant that they do not see how their lies and deceptions, once exposed, make people lose trust in them,  thereby shutting doors of opportunities?  Do they not see that they are stealing from themselves something very precious called integrity, and that without integrity, they will never be able to fully realise their potential? It may appear for a while, that the highjacked ideas and investors will have brought some benefit into their lives, but have they seen the massive tear in the very fabric of their character? And with such a tear, becoming bigger with further lies, deception and conniving , doors will shut, people will  turn away, reputations go asunder, and jobs and positions get lost altogether.


Dear people, wake up to this universal truth, and let it stick in your mind as if your life depended on it: “what you do to another, you do it to yourself, what you steal from another, you steal from yourself, when you deceive another, you deceive yourself, when you lie to another or about another, you lie to or about yourself!


In addition, wake up to this Universal truth of Cause and Effect: what you produce and project out into the world ALWAYS looks like a boomerang: it WILL come back to you with interest, guaranteed!  So if you put out there lies, deceit, highjacking, stealing , the same will come back to you, magnified, even worse than what  you did. This is not at all some sort of Godly punishment, this is the foundation on which our Universe functions. You might be the only one to know you spread lies about another but the Universe knows it is you. At some point, the negative energies you put out will find you again. You may have completely forgotten about the lies, and will complain that someone has just said such terrible things about you, and made you lose the chance of getting your dream job, and how can they do this to you, because you are innocent of all wrong-doing bla bla bla!!


It is time for Africans to wake up to what they are doing to themselves. European investors, after witnessing such behaviour, and being a victim of it, turn their back on Africa for good. Have you, dear Africans, ever thought about the bad effects your behaviour leave in people’s minds? Do you know how awfully tiring it can be to always wonder how much of what you say is a lie, and how much is the truth?


I urge you all, reading this, for just 24hours, to monitor every one of your thoughts, words and actions, and to make sure that each of them is a full reflection of integrity and see how good you feel about yourself, and how people react to you. Then stretch it to two days, then three, and then make a habit of it until you become integrity personified, until you know that you have become incorruptible! Then and only then, will you start to really embark on the road to success, within yourself and with other people.


And if you decide not to embrace integrity, you are indeed your own worst enemy, stealing from yourself!

And if you decide not to embrace integrity, you are indeed your own worst enemy, stealing from yourself!

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