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I spend half a million on my hair every month : Ghanaian actress, Mumuni

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In the entire Africa, Ghana and Nigeria especially, entertainment has grown wider than we envisaged. This growth is very fast , making it possible to almost compete side by side with Hollywood. 



So, there’ll be no need to doubt the same growth in proportion to its fashion sense, ranking our actresses and actors among best world dressers.

But even as fashion conscious as we are, our ladies, although give as much attention to their hair but hardly flaunt the price.

This isn’t so in the case of Ghanian actress, Salma Mumuni. She has suddenly gone gaga about her hair and wont give the social media a break, a week not passing by without robbing on our faces her hair price tags.

Meanwhile, maybe to put herself on the list of most sought after Ghanian actresses, Salma decided to change her looks. She’s now gone from the long-haired Salma, into a short-haired one.

Recently, she revealed the monthly sum she now spends to maintain her new hair cut. According to her, over $3,000 goes down into maintaining her new look so that she can stand out among her peers. “I maintain it every week too”, she added. Vanguard

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