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Ignorance is source of great suffering in this world.

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Ignorance engenders suffering both for the ignorant person and for the ones crossing his or her path.

Ignorance is a lack of meaningful, useful and oftentimes necessary knowledge to serve oneself and others to help everyone lead fuller and more satisfying lives.

Ignorance, like lies, can wreak havoc and destruction, though it is not so much a deliberate act  than an inevitable consequence.

People through their ignorance, can shape and encourage harmful beliefs and practices that hinder tolerance, peace and progress.

Through their ignorance, people mislead themselves and others down blind and dark alleys, where no light can penetrate.

Even children become the innocent victims of ignorance, when their carers fail to meet their mental and spiritual needs or fail to be good role models for them, showing a way forward in life that is less than desirable.

People in positions of trust and leadership should never permit themselves to show signs of ignorance. They should forever seek to open their mind to greater knowledge and education, so as to find better ways to serve and lead. Most importantly, they should readily and freely share their knowledge with others, so that more become wiser through this interaction.

Ignorance is not incurable but requires a willingness to aspire to always learn more and to admit that one will never know enough or know it all.

Ignorance is literally killing thousands of people every year across the entire globe. It could be through the spreading of a disease, perpetuating a cultural tradition that is harmful to people, speaking untruths and beliefs that poison human hearts and minds, unnecessarily leading to destruction of life.

We very sadly see plenty of that in religious circles where certain religions have become a 21st century weapon of destruction.

Ignorance knows no bounds and neither do its consequences. But knowledge can easily take over its position and render it harmless.

We urge everyone to surrender ignorance and make room for more knowledge and wisdom, as these will lead to personal fulfilment and to freedom for everyone the world over.


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