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In The Closet with Katelyn Namiiro

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Katelyn Namiiro, 20 was, born on the 20/11/91. In the music arena she is known by her stage name Kleo. She is currently a rapper in a group called RAW PERFECTION. She is also a self made model,  poet and a qualified dancer.

In her words, “All my talents play a large role towards my unique dress sense. I prefer not to camouflage with the dress codes within our society but instead leave a stamp of my controversial trademark which is my African couture/punk swagger”   Her swagger is definitely about breaking rules.

Best Fashion Tips
If you have bright (colorful) hair, go for the natural make up look. Some foundation, lip gloss and some eyelashes should do the job.

For Skinny Ankles
When wearing doctor martens wear legwarmers to hide the size of your ankles.

Short Females
knee/thigh high boots allow the length of your legs to look longer. Making you look taller.

Best Ever Buy
Leopard jumpsuit from Asos, (fitted well and played on the African couture theme)

Your Worst Ever Buy
Yellow baggy jumpsuit-made me look shorter, hid my figure and hit my skin complexion the wrong way.

You’re Inspirations
Grace Jones pure dark skin beauty, had a unique dress code and sense of style.

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