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Increase the peace: Salone Elections 2012

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(If ‘Salone nar wi oll yone’, mek wi gree say nar wan king nommoh dae siddom nar t’rone)
So, sit back and let me begin…

I.     The results we’ve all waited for are finally in
Only one side can win and the other struggles to take it all in…
The race has been run, a battle lost and a victory won
I had my eyes set on the big prize
I could go under or I could rise
This time, it wasn’t meant for me
Maybe next time, it could just be…

II.     I could go away and come again
Lick my wounds and salve my pain
Or I could find someone or something else to blame
So much easier than to say I played a poor game
One man’s joy may be another man’s sorrow
But we can still join hands for a better tomorrow.

III.     Wherever you were when you heard the news
After we went to the country so the people could choose
Now, the victor has to know how to win
As he wallows in his party’s celebratory din
And the vanquished has to know how to lose
As he retreats from the frontline battered and bruised.

IV.     “I should reach out to the other side
Yes, we lost this race but, nobody died”
Will there ever be a time in Africa when one party will say,
We did our best, but it wasn’t our day
We really tried but, we didn’t pass this test
Let’s recharge the batteries for a future quest

V.     Will we always bump heads like Ali and Frazier?
As time goes by one gets happier and one gets crazier
When this verdict came, it was so clear cut,
There was a clear a winner, no ifs, ands or buts
One was a winner by a decisive knockout
His hand was raised, leaving no doubt

VI.     Now that there is nothing left to prove
Who’ll be the one to make that first move?
Who will throw the switch to lighten the darkness and brighten our home?
Bringing unity and justice to sweet Sierra Leone
This land of myriad cultures, much discussed, much misunderstood
In rebuilding nationhood, talking the talk will do us no good

VII.     Let us gather around our famous old cotton tree
And stitch back together our nation’s rich tapestry
Where some see divergence, splits and enmity
In my people I only see beauty in our diversity
We can disagree and still love each other
We really are all sisters and brothers

VIII.     Will there come a day when all violence will cease
Or do we eye that big pie and want our own piece?
Is it our country we’re really fighting for?
Or is just another excuse for yet another war?
I don’t want to wage war, I want to wage peace
So, let us strive for unity, work tirelessly and never cease

Sierra Leoneans: Increase the Peace, PLEASE!!!

Ade Daramy

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