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Increasing effectiveness and efficiency in agricultural production through “powered operations”

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Sembeguya Estates is a private company based in Sembabule district specializing in beef cattle and meat goat production. The company has over the years entered and participated in public-private partnerships targeting modernizing livestock production and marketing.

One of the key constraints to increased agricultural production among Ugandan farmers over the years has been the persistent limited size of land that can be utilized for agricultural operations. A major cause of this constraint is the limited use of improved technologies to ease land opening. However, government of Uganda has put a lot of effort into this area and working through its agencies introduced walking tractors which has greatly contributed to an increase in available land for agricultural production.

The increase in land requires that, relevant technologies are made available to enable farmers most effectively manage their activities. One such technology is the powered knapsack sprayer which is a basic requirement on all farming operations.

The powered sprayer is a new technology to many of Ugandan farmers.

Sembeguya Estates has used the technology for the last ten years and found it effective and more efficient. Comparing it with the traditional manually operated sprayer is like comparing a bicycle and a motorcycle in terms of convenience, effectiveness and efficiency.

The sprayer increases coverage, saves a lot of operator’s time and can be used on all farming operations including bush fire control, foliar fertilizer application, weed control, and general crop and animal protection. The equipment is even more useful during foliar fertilizer application for example Di-grow promoted by Dynapharm. To farmers involved in growing of mangoes, citrus, passion, pineapple and other fruits, this equipment is extremely necessary. The
equipment has a horizontal launch of 12 meters and a vertical launch of 10 meters. To farmers with sizeable acreages, the equipment enables faster coverage and allows applying the fertilizer in time at a specific stage of the plant.

Ssembeguya Estates therefore brings you variety of such powered sprayers with a very strong conviction and belief regarding their results. The sprayers come in variety of forms including those that use fuel as well as those that can be recharged.

We wish you the best as you make a decision to try out the innovation that we are sure will not let you down.

Paul Ssembeguya
P.O. Box 69, Ssembabule, Tel: +256 0782 374174

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